Mama's Blessed : [52 Weeks] My Biggest Weakness

[52 Weeks] My Biggest Weakness

Monday, July 8, 2013

My biggest weakness..

I am taking this as a GOOD thing, not a bad trait type thing. 


I love my husband & my daughter more than I love anything. The Lord has blessed me more 
that I deserve & more than I ever thought possible. Not only my hubs & my mini, but all my family
mean the world to me. 

I would chose hanging with the family & playing board games than going out & partying. Or anything really. I could hang with my family everyday. We were all placed in each others life on purpose. So why not spend as much time with them as possible!

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  1. Family is everything. I've realized that thru what I've been thur. They are there when noone else is. and they are truly a blessing. I cant wait to have my own family.


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