Mama's Blessed : My Week Of Confessions [4]

My Week Of Confessions [4]

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Life is But a Stream of Thoughts
Sam / Paige

I confess..

- I should be cleaning right now instead of blogging because 
the kids I baby sit are coming over 2 hours earlier than their normal time. 
{3 hrs from now!}

- I am beyond excited that I am off tomorrow for the 4th.

- I am already sipping on coffee this early.

-I still have not worked on my school work.

- & I still have not worked out.

- I have be craving chocolate way to much lately, & it all started after
I had my daughter in November. But this week, I NEED chocolate lol.

-I am overly excited about my local library & bringing books home to
read. NERD!

-I was obsessed with getting an Ergo baby carrier, & now that I have one I
do not think it is right for me. Maybe I am wrong?!

- I am seeing some changes already, & I like it! <3

Now it is your turn! GO!

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