Mama's Blessed : My Week Of Confessions [5]

My Week Of Confessions [5]

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I am a day late, I know. I was sick yesterday. Still feeling icky today!

I confess..

- That I feel like a crap mother when I am sick & can not really give Kenzie the attention she needs from me.

- Big changes are in the works for me.

- I am no longer babysitting. & it feels amazing!

- I laugh at Kenzie's baby talk. It is the cutest thing. Her parents talk non stop, so I know we will have our hands full! 

- I am about to have to get a job. I am excited & sad at the same time. I do not want to leave my mini.

- I have tried to watch Admissions twice & fell asleep both times. Sorry Paul Rudd!

- I am dying for a carrier. Kenzie misses being carried against me. & I miss it too.

- I lost my train of thought because my coffee is ready! lol.

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  1. why'd you quit babysitting? Hell i wish I could baby sit or at least do something. i put in an app for a clerk today. i hope to hear from it.


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