Mama's Blessed : My Week Of Confessions [7]

My Week Of Confessions [7]

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I confess..

I have had Kenzie in regular disposable diapers since Saturday [stripping her cloth diapers A LOT] . I forgot how much easier they are than cloth.

Feels like I failed when it comes to cloth diapering. & sadly, I almost want to NOT go back to cloth.

Ready to have a job.

Did not think a few things through recently. Oops.

I am pretty excited that my little brother is coming over tomorrow! I have missed him.

Made stuff pepper last night, & got Jalapeno juice in my eye. *TEAR*

Decided I am not going to give up just yet. <3


  1. Every time I click on your blog, I just see that gorgeous little face and it makes me smile!

    I Pink i Love You

  2. You did not had her in cloth diapers for over 8 months. Disposable diapers have come a long way and they are just as good as cloth. Simplify your life so you can just enjoy Kenzie! You are a wonderful mother! Kenzie is very blessed to have you!

  3. I've thought about giving up recently. girl you and I can relate. we should chat. i'm up for texting if you are. get up with me :D


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