Mama's Blessed : The Happiest Baby On The Block [Book]

The Happiest Baby On The Block [Book]

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I have always heard, "Don't brag if your baby sleeps all night. 
There will be a time they won't."
True statement right here!

Kenzie for the most part has always slept through the night. I suppose with teething & growing & maybe my bad habit of bringing her into our bed all the time, has messed up her sleepy time. & mine. 
This has been going on for maybe 2 or 3 weeks now. 

It has been clock work i tell ya! She may get up for a second at random times, but she is up throwing a fit at 3 am every morning. So i feed her & put her back to bed. I try to never bring her into our bed {anymore} before 5 am. After that time, she will just stay in bed with us because she is usually up by 6 or so anyway. 

At my recent visit to the library, I was obsessing over the parenting book section. There were so many! I have read Baby Wise, & tried to incorporate some of those tips & steps to help. No bueno, mostly.  I came across a handful of The Happiest Baby books & snagged up this gem. 

The Happiest Baby: Guide to Great Sleep
It took me a week to read it since I have had a full house lately. 
{3 kids, & 3 adults other than me}
There were so many great tips & information I wanted to remember & try out.
I always HIGHLIGHT in my own books, so with this being a library book
I think every other page corner was turned down! 
I definitely recommend this book to every parent, or parent to be.
Even if you have the most awesome child in the world that sleeps all night long. 
One day they will be pitching a fit at 3 am! 
Here are a few things that stood out to me & I want to 
use {or already am} toward helping me & Kenzie get a good night sleep.


-Make sure baby is awake when placing in crib, 
wake baby up if needed.

-Loveys {teddies, blankets} are encouraged. They help comfort.

-Before & during bedtime keep lights dim, noises low, & white noise loud.

-Dream feeding- Wake between 10pm-12am for a quick feeding.

-If there is a certain time baby wakes during the night, 
wake her before she wakes.

-If teething, give medicine 30 minutes before bedtime. & let baby chew on a frozen bath cloth that has corner dipped in apple juice.

-Every time baby wakes, do not always feed. Place on side or belly
 {if old enough} & rock the crib gently. WORKS!!

There is A LOT of other tips & ways to get your baby sleep trained. Some 
I know that I would not try. So my list, is what I want to try. 


  1. Ashley, thank you so much for this post! My little one is weeks away from teething and I have a feeling we'll be facing some of the same challenges. The little pointers you included in this post seem so helpful and I'll start implementing them before "A" starts waking up in the middle of the night again.

    Thanks from one very grateful mommy!

  2. She looks so peaceful and precious when she sleeps Ashley. :D I bet you have a ball with her.

  3. im so glad you posted this! I want this book, amos just started teething & its been crazy getting him to sleep, he fights it so hard!!


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