Mama's Blessed : [52 Weeks] I Said I Would Never

[52 Weeks] I Said I Would Never

Monday, August 26, 2013

I Said I Would Never.

Put Kenzie back in regular diapers.
Once we started "clothing" I said I would never put her back in
regular diapers. But with all the issues I have had with the
cloth recently, I have turned to the disposables. 
We still put her in the cloth diapers occasionally.

Give her formula.
My goal was to breastfeed as long as I could, & NO formula.
But apparently I do not produce as much as I thought, &
plus heading back to work I can not pump enough.

Go back to work before she is a year old.
But I have. I miss her when I am at work.

Give her store bought baby food.
I started off making her baby food myself.
But that did not last long. I fell in love with
the baby food pouches & just started
buying the food. 
I seriously need to get away from that baby food!

Spank Kenzie.
But I will, when the time comes of course.


  1. You are a great mom! MooMoo has enjoyed spending time with Kenzie!!!

  2. cute pics! I think it's good that we all ended up doing some things we wouldn't have thought because we learned that not every mom is the same. Good post!

  3. Yes! I said I would never spank either, but I have. Usually when they've done something really bad (like try and open or climb on the HOT STOVE). Sorry, but I'd rather give a spank than have my child burnt.

    Also, I never made our own baby food lol

    1. Exactly. I have popped my minis hand {not hard} when she is doing something that could hurt her. right now all she does is smile and laugh. lol

  4. Pumpkin Apple Cranberry? Sign me up! That sounds good even to me!

    I know all about those "I said I never would..." statements, but you gotta do what you gotta do and sometimes that means giving in for the best interest of your little one. I said the same thing about pacis, I ended up eating my words - luckily only for about two months roughly, but still nonetheless.

    You are a great mom, no worries :)

  5. Great post! I came across it on the Mommy Moments Blog Hop.

    It is easy to know everything before you have kids, right?! :) I was the same way and had a lot of the same "nevers" as you do: formula, baby food, etc. Like you, breastfeeding did not work for me and I quickly found out how convenient the organic food pouches are. Oh long as they are happy!

    Becky :)

  6. You are an awesome mama!!

    I've said the same thing about baby food..I still make a majority of her food except meat cause I refuse to grind meat up yuck!

    And I just love the pouches especially for on the go! And EARTHSBEST is seriously the best brand. :) She loves the smoothies. :)

    And girl, I've already had to give Evelynne a smack or two.. It breaks my heart but the girl's stubborn!

  7. Hi,i'm Miya from ! Found you on IG . As a new parents there are things u say u will and wont do that end up totally different when you actually experience motherhood. I always said id cloth diaper but I never did and I'm happy I don't because I have enough laundry as it is! I did stick with breastfeeding though and i'm happy about that!
    Nice blog &
    Hope to see you over on my blog!

  8. Hi Ashley! My name is Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a quick question I have about your blog! My email is


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