Mama's Blessed : [Fluff] Stinky Diapers & Stripping Them

[Fluff] Stinky Diapers & Stripping Them

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cloth diapering was the plan before I even had Kenzie. I decided to start
right before she was 3 months old. I love[d] it! Pocket diapers & covers
with prefolds were our favorites. A disposable diaper has not been 
on her since we started cloth til just recently. July 27th to be exact. 

For the past two months, maybe three, her diapers have been 
smelling. Bad. A strong ammonia smell. I stripped all her diapers, 
inserts, covers, & prefolds over & over. I tried different ways.
& nothing seemed to work. So we put her in disposables so
I could try one last time before giving up. & it worked. 
I will be using both cloth & disposable diapers now. 

[My gorgeous girl.] Onesie / Headband [not the same color]

This last time that I stripped the diapers, & actually worked, I
I did two batches of diapers & did them both differently.
Only thing that was the same was that I used a cup of vinegar.

The first batch was covers, prefolds, & flour sack towels.
Everything was already clean. Never try to strip when they are dirty.
I did a cold rinse, hot wash with a cup of vinegar, hot rinse, then 
another hot wash without vinegar.

That is a lot of washing & a lot of water. BUT stripping diapers should not
have to been done often. 

I put the covers out on the rack to air dry & the rest was put in the dryer.

The second batch of diapers was the pockets & their inserts. Also, a few fitted diapers.
I placed them [clean] in the tub & ran HOT water over then & filled up the tub enough 
to cover them all. I also added a cup of vinegar. Using a wooden spatula I occasionally 
stirred the water & diapers around. They stayed in the water for HOURS!!
After that they went through 2 or so hot rinses & a hot wash.
& everything was placed outside on the drying racks for a 
few hours. 

This seemed to work for Kenzie's diapers. We will see how long they
stay stink free. & if you have any advice I would love to hear it!


  1. I know I'm supposed to be commenting about the diapers and that's great and all but can we talk about how GORGEOUS your deck is with that view. Girl, I am jelly.

  2. From what I have read, DON'T USE DAWN. Here is a great resource I plan to use when we start (:

  3. Every pic you take of her is so cute to me.

    would love to chat with you girl

  4. Ashley, she is so so cute!!! I'm so impressed you do cloth diapers I honestly never considered them when I was pregnant but now that we're 6 months in, and I realize how expensive disposables are it seems like a great idea.

  5. I just had to order new diapers because my microfiber inserts stank no matter what I tried to do!! I will try your bathtub idea with vinegar!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    I just got prefolds to use with my pockets because the pockets did not stink but only the microfiber inserts did! Uggh.

    1. Yeah try the bath tub! Let them soak for HOURS!!! & def do a good amount of hot rinses in the washer! My prefolds even stunk!


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