Mama's Blessed : Football Y'all [1]

Football Y'all [1]

Friday, August 9, 2013

It is that time again! Football season. Fall time means FOOTBALL. I am mainly a college football fan so I have another month I do believe till those games start. But with the NFL starting up with their practice games I figured it is time to start my football blog series. 

I root for Alabama, ROLL TIDE. & when it comes to the NFL I root for the Atlanta Falcons since I am near ATL. Those are the teams my husband roots for too though he watches pretty much any and every game no matter the team. So if I am not busy I will watch with him.

We started the night off right last night. The Falcons played & we picked up some pizza to eat while watching the game. I did not watch much of it though, & from what I was told it was not worth it anyway. Boo. I can not wait till college football starts!

As far as this blog series goes, I will be posting every Friday. Each post will be different but about football of course. I am still working on all the post ideas. Feel free to make suggestions! 


  1. You're a Bama fan. Oh No's. But I love this idea and can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. I'm afraid we cant be friends anymore girl. Just kidding. But you wont hear me say those nasty words and anything else for Alabama. I'm all Georgia girl. Watching nothing but GA football. Nothing else. :D GO DAWGS. WOOF WOOF SIC EM. :D I'll let ya slide this time. :D

    miss chatting with you.


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