Mama's Blessed : Football Y'all [2] Roll Tide Style

Football Y'all [2] Roll Tide Style

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Well Pinterest seems to keep me busy! & here lately I have been obsessing over fashion! Fall & now BAMA styles! <3 So this post is dedicated to all you Alabama fans! [ladies & babies of course].

Roll Tide!
All pictures are pinned in my Football Board


  1. Love these ideas especially those Toms!

    1. Those are awesome arent they!! I love them!

  2. Jayden got him some Ga clothes yesterday ;P

  3. If my fiance saw this post right now all he'd say is "booo". Not to you personally, because you're a doll and he'd like you!, but to the topic of the post. We're big fans of LSU. My sister in law and brother in law live in LA and both went to LSU. But I like all these goodies!!! I love the little kids outfits! The first one is adorable, cant go wrong with a tutu. The scarf, one shoulder top, the girl with the boots, the toms and the premade outfits..I'd totally take them all in a heart! You're great in the fashion department :)

  4. So cute Ashley! Hope you're having a great weekend girl:)!


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