Mama's Blessed : #iamobsessed [2]

#iamobsessed [2]

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My TOMS. I am ready for fall weather. I am pretty sure I will be wearing 
them everyday.

[Evening] WALKS. With this girl. & my sister. It is usually kind of cool out, or at least 
a breeze. Love it. Ready for walking in the fall time! <3


ANCHORS with it being summer & all.

My HELLO APPAREL tees. I am dying for more!


  1. Hey Ashley, found you through "Everyday Thoughts by Brittany". Love that girl!

    TOMS, are the greatest! I just bought my first pair last Spring. I have never had a shoe so comfortable. I'll be buying other colors for sure.

    Come on by and say 'hello' @effiegirl.blogspot

    1. SOrry for such a late reply! Thanks for stopping by! & yes toms are the greatest! I want some more!

  2. I am so jealous girl. Frappa...been craving one for a while now. and we dont have a mickey d's here. and I've never been to starbucks like ever. we dont have one. told ya i live in a small town LOL. We have to 45 mins to an hour to get to a mall, walmart, taco bell and that sorta thing. sucks LOL I heard Tom's are the best. heck I got a pic of some that I would love to have. will send you a pic


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