Mama's Blessed : What Being A Mama Looks Like

What Being A Mama Looks Like

Monday, September 2, 2013

What being a mom looks like..

A lot of laundry. Kenzie is at the age she wants to help mommy with laundry. After mommy folds all the clothes, it is her job to pull the piles off the couch and throw them all over the floor. If you do not have a kid, you need one! They are such a big help when it comes to laundry! HA!

Spending almost every minute with your bestie. Also know as your child.
I do not know about other kids but my mini is the best shopping buddy ever!

A cute little [ or huge ] diaper bag instead of a purse. 
This is one of the most important accessories a mommy can have. 
Well, besides baby. 

Looking a hot mess while your child is stylin'. 
I may have greasy hair but my child is always looking cute! 

Putting someone before yourself. & loving them with everything in you. 
I am one blessed woman.


  1. Yep I'm definitely doing this and its not for my kid. I dont have a kid but taking care of one and being around one all the time now. I put her first.

  2. Babies love to help! Jayden loves to make sure the dryer is working properly by standing and watching to make sure the clothes go round and round ;) Jayden doesn't like to shop though...he's a true lil man! I love Kenzie, and yes she is always dressed so cute!!!

  3. Love this girlie!! I never always feel like there's laundry to be done. :)

  4. Ashley she is SOOO ADORABLE! And already stylish like her mama! :)


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