Mama's Blessed : AD SWAPS & CHANGES


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I am needing a little help from my fellow bloggers! 

I want to use some type of blog ad website for swaps and advertising, like PassionFruit, but not sure what site[s] are best! Have any recommendations please comment or email me! 
Also, if we swapped buttons but you no longer see your button on my page that is because I was the only one that held my side of the swap up. Meaning I checked your blog & my button was no longer there [who knows for how long]. So I deleted them off my page tonight [ there was actually a hand full sadly!] 

Also, I am going to be making some changes on my blog! So keep an eye out! 



  1. I'd love to do a swap! Always loving your blog

    As for the ad website many many bloggers have switched from PassionFruit to a site called Adproval. Reason being is that you now have to pay $9 a month to be apart of Passionfruit. Or you could do their yearly subscription but still. Adproval only takes 10% of the ad price and you get the rest. The guy that runs Adproval is apparently awesome too. I havent done it yet but everyone says its great.

  2. I've heard good things about Passionfruit Ads, but I think they're now charging a yearly fee. Not a lot, but it could make a difference. I'm curious to see what others say...


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