Mama's Blessed : Take A Look Inside My Coupon Binder

Take A Look Inside My Coupon Binder

Friday, September 27, 2013

A lot of people have been asking me about my coupon binder & wanting me to post about it.
I was not sure if I wanted to do this just yet since I just went BACK to the binder method
& starting from nothing really when it comes to coupons.

I ALWAYS use coupons if I have them, but for the past year I would say I have been slacking 
on actually using them & SAVING a lot of money. I have been seeing deals and couponers
online a lot lately talking about how much they are saving. & seeing randoms in the grocery
stores with their big ole binders in their carts full of paper gold (coupons), has got me 
excited again to go full force into the couponing world again. 
Now I must say I am not an EXTREME COUPONER though I am working towards
that. & I am not the kind that will wipe out a shelf for a deal. I am not that rude. 

[[ The set up & content of my binder may change. Probably more than once, & I 
am open to ideas on how to better my binder! ]]

Okay- As you can see it has two 3-rings. The left one I have notebook paper & a
pink zipper pouch. I put coupons in there as I put the item they are for in my buggy, that way they are all in one place when I am at the checkout.
The right side - the first thing is a protective sleeve with the ads & coupons for that days shopping trip.

The stack of notebook paper to the left in the binder is for shopping lists, 
pricing, & whatever else really.

Right now I am using plastic-y dividers that are see through a little. & I am
learning that that is not really a good thing. It confuses me when I see coupons in
a section that they are not supposed to be in. (Even though they are just behind them. lol)
I will label my categories when I decide on keeping these dividers or not. Don't want to be wasteful. 

My categories are:

Condiments & Baking
Dry Food ( Cans & Boxes)
Fruits (not in produce)
Medicine & Oral care
Personal care

What are your categories?

I use a few different sleeves. I mainly use the baseball card inserts.

But I also use insert sleeves that have two pockets, these are for bigger coupons.

The last category is for certain stores & I use both types of insert sleeves.
The stores I have in this category are Publix, Kroger, & Target.
I am thinking I should make a category just for drugstores too. !?!?!?!?

The back pocket is for food place coupons.
I think I may also put other store coupons in this pocket also
 ( Babies R us, Ulta, & so on).

The front outside of the binder has two zipper pockets. The bigger one
has ads and coupon inserts that have to be clipped.

& the smaller pocket just has small scissors & a few rewards cards.
I am not really sure what I want in this pocket. 

So, that is the content of my binder right now. If you have any ideas for bettering it, please
do share. I would love to hear what you think! 

& I would love to know what is in your binder or HOW you organize your coupons.


  1. Where did you buy the inserts for the coupons? i checked Target and didnt find any

  2. I may go back to the binder. I have been using 2 folders that I can slip in Jayden's diaper bag. It is a little easier to handle and I just put the coupons I am using as I shop in the front folder part. But it will not hold LOTS of coupons.

  3. Man, I wish I had the drive and passion to do this lol Kudosa to you girl!

  4. Great idea i might have a go at staring one of these i think i would be more inclined to collect and use coupons if i did it this wat.. Thanks!

  5. These are great ideas! I usually carry an envelope of coupons and it just becomes a total mess by the end of the trip. I like the binder idea, looks so organized!

  6. oh man i get so angry when I tote them in a single envelope or in my wallet. It gets messy mid shopping trip! Ha. I love the binder method but its to big & bulky when I have Kenzie in the buggy too!


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