Mama's Blessed : A Few Days Off / Family Time

A Few Days Off / Family Time

Monday, October 7, 2013

After working the EARLY morning shift last week, my manager gave me a few days off in a row ( Friday & Saturday included)! It was so awesome, & I got to be off on my husband's days off! 

Friday we spent most the day at Sprint & on the phone with Sprint, just for some dang phone upgrade! It was so lame, & their fault of course. Really. 
Well after almost 7 hours we finally got our new phones & after waiting for Sprint to fix their outage the phones were finally activated! 
We are no longer GALAXY owners, we are now IPHONE owners. I know your shocked. lol.
We ended up getting the iphone 5c. I wanted one of the other colors but all they had was white. & we even checked THREE stores! "/ But I am okay with it since I need a case for it anyway.

Late Friday night I ran, LITERALLY, to Target for an awesome deal. Not going into detail on the blog about the deal... but I got a FREE watch! If you want to know the deal you can email me (the deal is already expired).
I picked one that I knew Keith/hubs would like. 

Saturday we went to one of the local golf courses so Keith could practice his swing. It felt amazing outside, so Kenzie & I sat out in the grass beside him & just watched. <3 It was so nice tagging along with him to do something he loves. 

& of course we had to watch football. The husband watched a few games, but Alabama won their game of course!
( Kenzie was somewhere in the room, haha!)
Also got my Sunday newspapers that night & clipped my coupons while watching season 8 of How I Met Your Mother. Forgot to take pic. 

& Sunday I went back to work. LAME! Well, not really. I enjoy work, for the most part!

How was your weekend?


  1. Family time! Awesome for you guys! We took Jayden to see Planes!! We were the only ones in the movie so it was great not having to worry if Jayden would be quiet enough.

  2. looks like a great weekend. hate you spent all that time on the phone with sprint. could've called at&t and maybe got me over the phone I could've helped ya :p


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