Mama's Blessed : [Couponing] 5 Ways To Save At Target

[Couponing] 5 Ways To Save At Target

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Are you OBSESSED with Target? I am! Got to get my Target fix, almost daily! ( & you can not walk every inch of that store twice without a Starbucks drink in hand.) I am that mom. But I am also a couponing mom/woman. I love to save money, & when I can save some cash at Target, I am going to do it.
There are a few things/ways to save money at Target. Lord knows we spend to much money in that store!
I have listed the 5 ways to save at Target, though I am sure there are more than that. I use these. all but one.
If you know of more ways to save at Target, comment, I would love to be informed!

1. Coupons. Want to save money, using coupons is a great way. Not just at Target, anywhere that takes coupons! I get coupons in my Sunday newspaper, online, & in the mail. There are plenty of ways to come across them.

2. Mobile coupons. Target offers mobile coupons by text. Text offers, baby, or food to 827438 &
you will receive text that will have links to coupons. ( There may be more codes than the 3 I listed.)

3. Red Card. ( Debit &/or credit) You can find out more about these at your Target by talking with a cashier, or at I do believe you save 5% off every order. I am not completely sure about the card though, since I do not have one YET!

4. Target coupons. These you can print from You may also receive some at check out, or by mail. The awesome thing is you can STACK (combine) a Target coupon with a manufacturer one! This allows you to save even more. & you can also stack a regular coupon with a Target mobile one.

5. Cartwheel app. This app can be used online or on your phone! It is AMAZING! It allows you to save a percentage on certain items. The items are always being updated! & you can use this along side your other coupons!

[[ What would you like to read next? Coupong tips, best apps for couponers, or stockpile pictures and tips?]


  1. This is interesting! Couponing is so intimidating to me, I'd love to hear more!

  2. i looooove target!! seriously, there *almost* every day! its a scary addiction. it makes me a little nervous to have the red card attached to my debit card just to save 5%, and i wonder how this helps target... hmmmm. but if i spend a lot of money there, its probably worth it! we need a self help group haha.

  3. I love Target too. They have the best stuff, for an affordable price!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  4. I love target too, so wish that it was even half as good as the Target you guys have there in the US though. I drool over the stuff your online Target has and wonder why they don't do it the same way in Australia. It's so silly, but I dream of going to the US one day and going coupon shopping....we have nothing close to it here!

  5. I love coupons! Used two tonight at dinner to get a free appetizer and a free dessert. Call me cheap but I feel like a champ!


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