Mama's Blessed : [Kenzie] First Birthday Party

[Kenzie] First Birthday Party

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kenzie turned 1 November 4th but we did not have her party 
til the following weekend on the 9th.

THEME: Pinks, Gold, & white. 

Pinterest helped me with the theme & pretty much most of the decor because I am not very creative. I am super happy with how it
 all turned out, though I wish I could have done a lot more. 
But I was running out of time and money! :P
Oh & I just want to add that I am very unhappy with 
the quality of my pictures. I
used my Iphone 5c (my very 1st Iphone) & I am not 
impressed one bit! 
I have always heard that the iphone camera had such 
great quality, but I am noticing
that my galaxy was WAY better. To my fellow Iphone users, 
if there is something I am 
doing wrong when it comes to using the camera, or if there are any tricks, PLEASE let me know!! I am sure once you 
start scrolling through the pictures, you will notice how
blurry/grainy they are! 

These two pictures were the BEFORE party. We were waiting to put out desserts and 
waiting on cakes. We served pink lemonade (along with sodas) in mason jars with 
cute pink and white paper straws.

We cleared out our "play/junk room" for the party. My mom brought two fold out tables. One for drinks and desserts and the other for presents. We served pizza for lunch. I know, so CLASSY! 

I made vanilla cupcakes with hot pink vanilla frosting. I also made the toppers (gold hearts). & we served 
pink candy dipped marshmallows & set up a bowl of plain.

 I also made the tissue tassel garland  that was hanging above the dessert table. I am pretty much obsessed with it. & I plan on making on for Kenzie's bedroom & possibly the fireplace! Let me know if you want to see a tutorial post on it! 

 The cakes I am happy with, though I am kind of kicking myself for not making them myself! I had a vision for her smash cake, but I knew I did not have time to make it. I made the bunting banner on the cake too. LOVE IT! I can do a tutorial post for that as well!

I took pictures of all her gifts, though most pictures were to bad of quality to post. I will 
probably just retake the pictures of the gifts. 

What did the fox say? (we love that song and video!)

We then took it outside for a while. The kids took turns riding in the car! :P

These are the only decent pictures of Kenzie in her outfit, so I plan on putting her back in it & having a little photo shoot! So be on the look out! 


Other than the picture issues, I am pretty happy with how it all turned out. My daughter is amazing! She had a blast! & I am so proud of the little person she is becoming! <3


  1. Please do a tutorial post soon! It looks like the camera wasn't perfectly still for the photos. I find that being very still, good lighting and touching the screen to focus on a specific area works best for me!

  2. Maybe try touching the screen to focus it. I have an iPhone and that's what I do so that it gets a better quality

  3. You did an AWESOME job! Photos, decor and food! Happy Happy birthday to your daughter!!!!

  4. I love the tassel garland and her cake (:

  5. What an adorable little girl! I loved reading about your Kenzie's first birthday! :) She is a delight! I am now following you on Bloglovin!

  6. So cute! I made some tassel garland for my daughter's party as well! I love the pink and gold! I think that will be her theme for her 2nd birthday!! :)

  7. Happy belated birthday!!! Her party turned out sooo cute! I LOVE pink and gold together!

  8. Such a pretty party, and I love her outfit!


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