Mama's Blessed : Mothers Can Be Selfish Too

Mothers Can Be Selfish Too

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mothers can be selfish too.

Okay this post is not a sweet lovey dovey post about my love for my mini.
 I love her with everything in me. 
This is a post on selfish reasons i enjoy/love being a mom. 
Just throwing a little humor into your day. 
Lord know we all need it from time to time. 

Reasons I love being a mom.

Messy buns. 
Reality is we all love our messy buns. Some days taking care of our babies 
doesn't give us time to properly fix our hair. & I am totally okay with that! 

Dirty house. 
People always tell me, don't worry about the house. That can wait. 
You spend your time with your baby. Enjoy her. Uh OKAY! House you have my permission
to become dirty! 

Baby weight is not frowned a pond.
 After having baby I really wanted to lose the 
weight & get fit. That did not happen til a year later. Everyone says aww its just baby weight
its understandable. When the truth is i gave birth almost a year and six months 
ago. It is not baby weight, its lack of motivation & chocolate! But I will go with
baby weight! ha.

Play dress up. 
I love fashion, though I dress "comfortable". But you best believe my little
cutie is going to be dressed up in all the latest fashion. Why cant this come in my size?

Because your lying if you say you do not love sitting 
& watching cartoons with your mini. 

The baby is a good excuse.
 Someone calls that you don't want to talk to, you are asked
to do something, have to go somewhere.. Whatever it is, baby is the best excuse. 
Cant baby is napping, & bam your out! 

Sweat pants & no showers. 
Secretly we all enjoy these days. No need for details 
on why. We just do. 

I am sure we all do that. Out in public, see a mommy with a baby. We automatically scoop them out.
  OMG my baby is way cuter! What is that baby wearing? OMG she still puts her baby in a cart cover! We are women, 
we love drama, & we love to judge ( lets not go overboard!). 

So there you have it.. My selfish reasons of loving motherhood. I am sure you have a few of your own. Ready set go! 
Lets hear them! 


  1. Very true girl and funny!! I love that it allows me to stay home and wear pjs most if not all day. Soooo awesome :)

  2. Ha, this is funny! There are some selfish benefits to having a baby. :-)

  3. Haha this is funny. Your little one is precious!


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