Mama's Blessed : A Georgia Snow

A Georgia Snow

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Last Tuesday 1/28 it all started. We were warned but with all the rumors of snow on this day and that day in the past no one thought twice. & it all went down hill as the day went on. For people like me who got to stay home, we got to enjoy the snow. But for people that were out and about or heading home from work early due to the winter "storm" they got stuck in it. Atlanta had it rough, people stuck on the high ways over night. Kids sleeping in schools. All because Georgia rarely sees snow, they thought there was no need to take any sort of precautions. But enough of all that because I am sure you can just see talk about all that online and from the news. My mini & I enjoyed the heck out of the snow! It was her first snow. & She was amazed by it. I took her out in it when it first started to stick. That way she could see the snow actually falling everywhere. 

As the day went on more and more snow fell. It may have not been a lot if you asked someone that lives up north ( & I seen A LOT more snow while living in Oklahoma) but for us here in the south it was a lot. Enough to scare people & have everyone race to the grocery stores for bread and milk! 

I took her back out after the snow stopped falling and let her walk around in it. She didnt really want to walk around much, but she enjoyed it still. 

On Wedsnday there was no sign of melting snow & the roads were bad. Ice. Some people were still driving around and there were still plenty of wrecks. My hubs and the neighbor were out trying to get vehicles unstuck for other neighbors that morning. After 4 moved vehicles Kenzie & the hubs finally got to play a little in the snow. It was beautiful, but caused our towns/cities a lot of problems. & put a lot of people in danger. We are not used to nor prepared for snow/ice down here. There is already talk about more snow come the end of the week. & personally I vote NO! 


  1. My parents are in Georgia too and they enjoyed all of the snow!

  2. What a beautiful girl with daddy :) And what a jacket with a hood - super!


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