Mama's Blessed : I Feed My Toddler Fast Food #badmom

I Feed My Toddler Fast Food #badmom

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"I will not feed her that!" is what I said about a lot of things. Fast food, sugar, junk, hot dogs, & so on. 
I wanted (& still want) my daughter to only eat healthy things, to be a healthy child. I have heard if you do not feed a child sugar, they will not crave it.  Whether that is true or not, that was what I was shooting for. To not have a toddler/child throwing a fit because she only wants chicken nuggets or a cookie. But like many other things, I gave in. I take the easy way out. A lot. 

Kenzie eats healthy mostly. She does occasionally get a cookie while we walk around the grocery store.
That is mommy being selfish, it allows me to shop in peace. & I do get her kids meals at fast food places & restaurants. She is a potato/fry lover. 
She may have had cake and ice cream on a few occasions. When it comes to drinks, for me that is a different story though. I will not just give her anything. I can not say the same for everyone else when she
is in their care. 

Fellow mommies... feel free to judge. But most have or will do the same.

What Kenzie eats on the regular:

Breakfast- oatmeal, fruit, fruit cup.
Lunch- toddler meal, left overs, if we are out we go eat somewhere. 
Dinner- toddler meal, whatever I make for dinner. 
Snack- goldfish, toddler snacks, cookie.
Drink- Milk, Coconut milk, water, water down juice. 

Anyone brave enough to admit that they feed their toddler/kid unhealthy food from time to time?! 
Feel free to confess here, I will not judge. :P 
Also, what do you feed your child on the regular?


  1. I also thought I would be a perfect mom... but that didn't happen. I feed my daughter the occasional cookie and she looooves saltines. We have tried to give her juice/chocolate milk/anything other than water but she won't take them... spits them out in fact.... She is also very suspicious of cake and won't go near whipped cream, but she will eat the odd muffin. We haven't had fast food yet, but I'm sure it will come soon...

  2. Oh hun, we all give in eventually. My girl was a super fussy eater when she was a toddler. Her dietitian told me just to make the food from scratch. So if she likes chicken nuggets, make them in your own kitchen and put some veggies in them....healthy treat! If she wants cookies...make her some clean cookies made with almond meal instead of flour....there's heaps of recipes out there...that's how I've always tackled the whole treat thing anyways.

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