Mama's Blessed : When The House Is Sick.. #Supermom

When The House Is Sick.. #Supermom

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Okay by the title I am sure you can tell, we have all been sick. Me, the mini, & the husband.

It actually started with Kenzie, she started throwing up at the babysitters on Monday. & had the poops (yuck). She continued to throw up through out the night & morning so I called the dr. I spoke with a nurse that immediately said VIRUS/BUG. Oh great! But Tuesday afternoon we went to grocery store & met with a new potential babysitter & Kenzie seemed to be doing better. False alarm. She wasn't. & as the evening went on, I could hear my hubs getting sick upstairs. & I began to feel a little sick to my stomach as well. Eventually the bug hit me hard! That night running to the bathroom every few minutes into the morning. We all tried to sleep the bug off as much as possible. But with me being SUPER MOM and all, I had shit to do, on top of being sick. I had to care for my sick family. [ Being sick and taking care of a toddler is rough, but being sick & caring for a sick toddler & sick man child is the WORSE!] I had to do an ungodly amount of throw up and shit laundry (Kenzie's of course). I was changing her sheets and covers every time she laid down because she would ruin them immediately! I honestly thought I would never get to rest off this sickness.

 Its times like these that this mom wishes she had back up, or wasn't relied on so much. A little help, would have been much appreciated. But the responsibility for EVERYONE & EVERYTHING comes with the mom title. That's for sure.

 We are feeling a little better today, though Kenzie isn't really acting her normal hyper self. She hasn't thrown up since yesterday. Though she still has the poops! "/ I'm hoping she will be back to normal today because it breaks my heart to see her sick! 


  1. Oh nooooo, this sounds awful. And if you're man is anything like mine, he's a wuss when he's sick haha! Hope you guys all get to feeling better!!

  2. I think the worst is when the whole house is sick and you are as well and you still have to be supermom. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart.

  3. I doubt the kids would do this butttttt you can! Listen ...Apple Cider Vinegar and Lay out Onions. Onions around where everyone is hanging out. I swear by this. Raw, Organic, Apple Cider Vinegar will like...cure all that ails you. The brand you want is Bragg's! You know the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the Windex? ACV my Windex.

  4. That sounds awful. Hope you all will get better soon!

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