Mama's Blessed : Lately // I'm Here.

Lately // I'm Here.

Friday, March 21, 2014

So I have not updated my blog post in about a month. Horrible I know.
Work & my toddler keep me busy. I am working on a few post so I hope to
post them this week.

Kenz has started using the potty. She is not completely potty trained nor close, though she tinkles
in the potty daily. [minus 2 days] & I have moved her into pull ups//big girl diapers.

I am down about 25 pounds. & I am so proud of myself.

Kenzie is now obsessed with saying shit, what?, & stop it.  I'm horrible! "/

I got my hair did the other day & decided to get kenzie's bangs trimmed! Her first hair cut! <3

I am now selling ad spots on the blog! <3

Oh & I have decided to use my icloud email instead of my personal for the blog.

Not much else to say I suppose. Pretty boring over here.


  1. You look incredible - keep up the good work!

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