Mama's Blessed : Potty Training [ I Have No Clue What I'm Doing ]

Potty Training [ I Have No Clue What I'm Doing ]

Monday, March 24, 2014

I have no clue what I am doing, but we are doing it.. & it is working!

For Christmas we bought Kenzie a potty. With me loving to coupon I was able to get
it for like $6! Though it is nothing fancy, I am pretty proud!

It has been sitting in our down stairs bathroom since then. I have showed it to
Kenzie a few times, even let her play with it. But never really sat her down
with out a diaper to actually try to use it. I knew she was to young.

Til the other day [3-13-14]..

She is a little over 16 months & some may think that is to early to start with
the potty training but I wanted to give it a shot. She shows signs that
she is ready! She says Poo and EWW! when she has a poop diaper & occasionally tries
to take her wet diapers off before I can get to her.

She is now in Pull ups. Some people told me to skip pull ups all together & go
straight for the panties, but I do not feel we are ready for that just yet.

I try to put Kenzie on the potty as much as possible. I sit on the toilet beside her, even
if I am not using it. We sit & we sit. I constantly talk to her while we sit & wait, about pottying
& all the awesome things that come along with it. Like no more wet diapers, no more baby diapers,
picking out her own big girl panties when the time is right.

I even stuck a little basket with toys in there & added a new electronic toy to the basket that is
only to be played with in there. Figured that may get her on the potty some! lol.
She has her own roll of toilet paper that she rips to shreds while sitting there too.

We never have to sit long on the potty thank God! She usually goes with no problem. She has only NOT pottied  3 days since we started & I think that is amazing! We even visited my husbands parents over then weekend & she pottied a lot while there! She would even run to the bathroom to let me know she wanted to potty. They have a potty for his sisters daughter, so that helped a lot! She pooped twice over the weekend & I
am so proud! I just had to take pictures & send them to a few people. Yeah I am that mom!

Though we are fresh into potty training I feel we are doing so well, yeah WE! :)
I am a little worried that since I work, that Kenzie may not be able to keep up & make progress. Especially is no one
else is putting her on the potty. So I have to have a talk with the husband & babysitter. I am praying for no diapers really soon!

I am so proud of my Kenzie. She is such a big girl, & I am enjoying every minute of this!

Wish us luck, & feel free to throw so tips at me!


  1. This gives me hope!!! I just bought Waverly a potty but literally have no idea what I am doing! Good luck, mama!

  2. OMGah...wrong post for me to read today! ;) My 2.5 year old is having the hardest time with potty training (boy) and my almost 16 month old (boy)? Forget it! Not gonna happen. I'm well on my way to having three boys in diapers. Wahhhh. But, seriously- GO KENZIE!


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