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Books To Inspire The Wives

Monday, April 21, 2014

We as wives need a little inspiration now & again. We need guidance from the Lord daily to help us through our everyday lives, our everyday struggles & trials. I am sure we all want to better ourselves as humans and certainly as wives. I love when I come across a good read that motivates me to better myself, to strive to be the best wife God wants me to be, & to better my marriage. Not only does it help me, it helps my husband. It helps the whole family. I wanted to share a few good books to do just that. A few of these I have read & a few are on my list to read. If anyone is wanting to know more about a book I have read let me know, I can do a review post on them!
This is the newest book I have downloaded on my Kindle app.
I am about to start reading it today. It is one that I have been
looking forward to reading for a while. I love the Unveiled Wife .
There are great articles on her website as well!
This is a book I own, like a physical copy I can actually hold in my hands!
Crazy I know!
I love this one! I read it a few years back, & if you picked it
up & flipped through the pages, you would see a LOT
of highlighting going on.
Since it has been years since reading I really
need to pick it up & get encouraged again.
I have not read this one yet, though I am truly itching to.
The author of this book is amazing! I love her blog & her books.
She has some great articles on her website. The Time Warped Wife
This I own on my Kindle app, & I have read it.
It has been a few years as well, so it is one
that I need to reread. Also by Darlene The Time Warped Wife
My mom owns this one. She said it is
a must read for sure.
I love Courtney! I stumbled across her Youtube videos & then
her website Women Living Well. Very inspirational.
Want to get inspired this very moment?
Check out her videos. 
I can not wait to get my hands on this book.
I have not heard much about this book, just stumbled across some
thing on Facebook about it.
Lady travels around the world talking with
women that are in HAPPY/HEALTHY marriages.
Seems interesting!
So there you have it. A few books to encourage us wives.
Have you read one or some of these?
How did it help you as a wife & in your marriage?
Do you have another book to recommend?


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