Mama's Blessed : Easter & a birthday. 2014

Easter & a birthday. 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This Easter was wonderful. Went to my moms & had family time & then went to my dads for some family time! Kenzie had a blast this year for sure. She actually got to run around and hunt eggs this year.
& of course my Easter selfie! Did not dress up & had some serious morning sickness!
Kenzie loves her Hello Kitty pillow pet light. She just yells "kitty!" & tries to touch the
lights on the wall.
Then Tuesday we all met up & had a surprise birthday party for my mom. She was definitely surprised!
Either I am pregnant or just getting fat! Hahaha. My belly knows to grow, but so far it is sad to say
that my ass did not get the memo! But it will soon enough! [ Ignore the box, Amazon, I love you!]
So guys, how was your Easter holiday!?

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  1. Easter was so much fun and the babies looked amazing! I enjoyed my surprise birthday party!! I didn't expect it at all so it really made my birthday even more special!!!


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