Mama's Blessed : Goals For April

Goals For April

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New month means another chance to get my life organized & under control. Yesterday I seen a few posts about goals for the new month, & I thought that would be perfect for me to do as well. I should have posted this yesterday but got a late start on it.

Hell0 April!

- Come up with a weekly post schedule.
- Stick to it. I want to blog at least every other day!
- Redo blog design.

- Go on a date with my husband at least twice.
- Laugh together more. & hang more.
- Argue less.

- Get back on track.
- Pay off some bills.
- Figure out another way to bring money in so I can be home with Kenzie more.

- Potty train Kenzie COMPLETELY!
- Feed her less junk. More healthy stuff.
- More mommy & baby outing

- Declutter every room.
- Organize!!!!!!!!!!!
- Clean & do laundry daily. No matter how exhausted I am!

- Cut out junk.
- Work out at least 3 days a week.
- Get out of the house & walk with Kenzie.
- Get my husband on board.

- Read a book.
- Stress less.
- Read the bible daily.
- Take 3 (school) tests.

What are 3 goals you have for this month?


  1. Great goals, here are 3 of mine:
    1. Managing my photos better - I feel like I take forever choosing, editing and uploading for my blog
    2. Spend more 1+1 time with my husband
    3. Eat less sweets

  2. I love how you have borked down your goals into OCD self is happy!! Three goals I have for myself this month are to workout at least once a week (I'm starting small), get my reading done for school ON TIME, and go to bed before 11pm!

  3. Great goals! In fact, I know that we all can relate to them.

  4. Great goals! If you figure how to get your husband on board with a healthy lifestyle, please let me know!! Mine is now working out but is a junk food junkie, so it makes it hard for me to eat well and to keep the kids out of the chips/cookies/candy/soda! Baby steps, right?!?

  5. my goals...ummm work more (not possible lol) manage money and save to move & spring clean my area in the room i sleep in (the living room)

  6. Declutter every room- that's a great goal. I think I will add that to my list too!


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