Mama's Blessed : [Guest Post] Life In A Long Distance Relationship

[Guest Post] Life In A Long Distance Relationship

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

  I would like to take a second to introduce you to a fellow blogger friend. Delene is a 20 something Cali blogger. She is new to the blog world & blogs over at Hello Mini Family. So show her some love & check it out.
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  Some may think its crazy idea to fall in love with someone 2200 miles away. Guess what? Your heart chooses, not you. There's good days and there's bad days just like any relationship. It's a matter of how much do you want to make it work? how much do you love each other to let the good days over ride the bad days? 
I know for Michael and I, GOD comes first in our relationship. Lately I have done a lot of praying and conversating with God to help us communicate more.Communication is one of the biggest things in a relationship. Especially a long distance one. If that goes out the window, things start popping through ones head. And because there is little physical connections, everything is based on Trust & FAITH. I trust my fiancee with my whole heart. At one point of our decreasing communication, I began to lose a little faith that it will get better. So I pray and pray about it. I HOPE God is listening to my prayers. 
Nothing will stop our LOVE. We love God and we love & adore each other. Sometimes if you're in a ldr you forget a lot of this. For us we are so close that you need a night to remember why you love each other. Re-reading letters, texts, and praying for all of the closeness to come back. 
Missing someone is hard, but knowing its one day closer is what gets me through the lonely days and nights. 
Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see | Hebrews 11:1


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