Mama's Blessed : I've Cried A LOT Lately // Pregnancy

I've Cried A LOT Lately // Pregnancy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

As most of you know, I am pregnant. Again. Yes, that is right.. Knocked up with baby number two & I could not be happier. Well, I take that back. I could be even happier if I could get my daughter Kenzie back on track with using the potty! Because Lord knows I do not want two kids in diapers at the same time!

Well, that will be another post all by itself..

This pregnancy so far has been good. I am not that far along. Only 6 weeks & 3 days as of today.
I do not even have my first prenatal doctor visit til next Tuesday, so who knows if anything will
change once I am seen. I started getting morning sickness the morning before I went & get my 100th pregnancy test ( lol ) & has been off and on throughout the day since then. This pregnancy I started getting morning sickness a week earlier than I did with Kenzie. 6 weeks with her & 5 weeks with baby #2.

I am always hungry, mainly for chocolate & junk foods & my sense of smell is way stronger now. Which can be very annoying at times especially since I work in a bakery! & let us take a second to talk about hormones! They are the devil, no doubt! I get mad & annoyed a lot. Very easily at that!
It is the worst when I am at work. It may be because I am usually at work by 5 am, working on no sleep. Or the fact that I am in front of hot ovens all day long.

And the crying... it happens a lot. Even before I had a positive pregnancy test I knew I had to be
from all the crying and up and down emotions. I cry at anything. I cry the most while watching Dawson's Creek. Yeah I have been watching that lame show! I just now made it to season 2. & already I have spent most of the episodes crying. My obsession with DC must be a pregnancy thing. Has to be. Even if it is not, we shall say it is to save me the embarrassment!

The hormones have been way more intense so far this go round.
I can only imagine what is in store. But having a healthy child makes it all worth it!

Pregnant or been pregnant, did your hormones get the best of you? & did you obsess over Dawson's Creek like me?! :)

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  1. never been pregnant but I love me some Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill so much that I have the whole set of DVD's and I can play them repeatedly and they never get old.

    would love to hear from you Ashley. been missing your post.


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