Mama's Blessed : Kenzie's Easter basket 2014

Kenzie's Easter basket 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Okay so it is not Easter yet. But we will not be together as a family on Sunday so we went ahead & let Kenzie have her basket on Thursday. She will be with her dada & his family tonight & Saturday
since I will be working & with me and my family on Sunday since dada works. Working sucks! "/
Anyway, Kenzie LOVED her stuff!
[ Please excuse the Horrible blurry pictures, for some reason my Iphone 5c sucks! ]

She was excited about her big girl panties in the basket! Bubble Guppies, that what she picked out!
I got this lovely Little People set for less that $8! It is originally over $20!
& this little bunny I found on clearance at Target after Christmas.
What are you all doing for Easter & what did you give your kids?
God bless & enjoy family time!


  1. So sweet!!! Happy Easter!

  2. all great things. Love the new things they are coming out with now a days and how they are bringing back stuff that was around when I was little. which is odd.

  3. Happy Easter to you and your family! I love her basket!

  4. The Easter Bunny is stopping by MooMoo's house and I told him to leave Kenzie a basket here too :)


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