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Goals For May

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May is here, & it has been for 4 days! I am behind on typing up this post, but it is still crazy. Time is flying by. Slow down! Just a little please! :)
You may remember my post from last month, my April goals. You can check them out [HERE] .
 Well a few days after posting my April goals I found out I was pregnant with baby number two! <3
& ever since that day the morning sickness, tiredness, moodiness, & everything else has taken over my life. Even though I feel horrible most days, I know the point of it all is so worth while.
With that being said most of my April goals were not achieved what so ever! Sadly. & this month, my mind is set towards preparing for baby & my pregnancy.
- Set a weekly schedule.
- Prepare posts ahead of time.
- Spend more time together.
- Pray together/for each other.
- Save.
- Coupon. Coupon. Coupon.
- Do things outside of the home with Kenzie more.
- Potty train Kenzie.
- Clean everyday.
- Declutter.
- Work on spare room for baby #2!
- Everyone eat healthy.
- Take walks.
- Read the bible daily.
- Focus some on school work.
- No stressing over stupid stuff. Just pray!
What are a few of your goals for this month?


  1. those are really good goals! I really need the blogging + marriage goals :)

  2. Great goals!! Congrats on baby number two!!!!


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