Mama's Blessed : I'm Pregnant Not Crazy.

I'm Pregnant Not Crazy.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pregnancy this go round has been rough. & having a toddler to care for 24/7 has made it... let's just say INTERESTING.

My morning sickness is almost gone & I am starting to get some energy back, THANK THE LORD.
I was for sure feeling like a bad mother, when all I wanted to do on my days off from work was lay around or sit with my face in the toilet. My mini was not getting the attention she deserved. I know that it was nothing to be upset about. That is pregnancy for ya!

Now I just need to get my hormones under control. It has been tough this far. I feel horrible when I lose my patience with my mini. She is a toddler now & this is her time to act a fool. It is not her fault mommy is a crazy pregnant mess!

I am kind of curious if running after a toddler all day everyday will help me NOT gain to much
pregnancy weight?! One can only pray.

Kenzie has more freedom now that I am pregnant. She gets to play upstairs in her room alone, climb up and down the staircases alone, & she can actually be left alone in the living room to watch tv with out someone standing over her. She needs that, as do I.

I am currently working, well struggling to potty train Kenzie. She was doing so well months ago. Now NOTHING! I refuse to have two kids in diapers!

Sorry this post is just all over the place, as am I. I'm pregnant. & there is a toddler running my house. Cut me some slack! :P

Any pregnant mommies out there or mommies of more than one child have some encouragement to throw my way?!


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