Mama's Blessed : Week 14 Bump [ Baby #2]

Week 14 Bump [ Baby #2]

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I know I am a horrible blogger, this being my first weekly bump update. This pregnancy has been rough on me! Having a toddler, HORRIBLE morning sickness, being overly tired, working part time, & trying to manage a house/family its hard to find time to do anything really.

[ This was a quick bump picture I took today before heading with Kenzie to the playground & library! I do plan to start next week with better weekly bump pictures!]
How far along: Today I am 14 weeks & 4 days pregnant!

Weight gain: I started at 126. Then after being dehydrated &having to go to ER I dropped to 121. Now I am up to 127.

Gender: Not sure yet. Should find out in August. Maybe sometime in July.

Baby is the size of: a LEMON.

Bump: There. Nothing major though.

Maternity Clothes: None yet. Though I am certainly ready to hit up the maternity section & get some stuff!

Sleep: I sleep all night, though I wake to potty once in a while. I am still pretty tired, though I have some energy back. So I try to nap for an hour or two at Kenzie's nap time.

Best Moment of this week: Feeling the "flutter" of baby moving. & not wondering if it was just gas. lol.

Symptoms: Morning sickness is almost gone. It has been horrible this pregnancy! Because of my ER visit I was given Zofran so I took that a few weeks. It helped some, but not everyday. I am starting to have some "aches". & I potty a lot.

Miss anything: Not having the feeling of needing to throw up all the time. Drinking as much coffee as I want.

Signs of labor: of course not.

Movement: That flutter feeling once in a while.

Cravings: Tuna on crackers. Boneless hot wings from anywhere. Nothing crazy.

Feelings: To be honest, I am a hormonal B WORD. I feel bad when I get upset with Keith & Kenzie. I am hoping to get my emotions under control soon.

Looking forward to: My next DR visit. July 1. I want to hear the heartbeat of my little baby again. & find out my results of my early glucose test. Since I had gestational diabetes last pregnancy I was tested early. & ready for my results! I am praying I am all good this go round.


  1. Sweet baby bump! Can't wait to find out he's a boy ;)

  2. Sweet baby bump! Can't wait to find out he's a boy ;)


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