Mama's Blessed : Can It Be Fall Already?

Can It Be Fall Already?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I am so over summer. It may be because I am pregnant, which means I get hot & uncomfortable easily. Or maybe it is because I live in Georgia & this weather is ridiculous! Either way... I am ready for FALL.

Fall is my favorite season. No doubt. The cool nights, leaves changing colors, & October [ Halloween & my birthday]. Anyone else feel me on this? I know there are some fall lovers out there.
I was thinking of some of the things that I can not wait for come fall time. & then I thought to myself.. Man I should piss some people off & make a list about all the amazing things about fall. Even though there is still plenty of summer left. SADLY! 

Pumpkins - Anything & everything. Food, scent, decor, & coffee. When I think of fall, pumpkins are like the first thing to come to mind. My husband said last night that he was tired of all these pumpkin scented candles & scentsy I constantly use. OH HELL NAW! It aint even fall yet, he aint smelt pumpkin yet! :P

College Football - & when I say this I mean Alabama. Roll Tide baby. I may watch OU play. Maybe.

Check out my FOOTBALL album on Pinterest.

Candles - Not just pumpkin scents, but fall scents. Bath & Body Works has some amazing ones. My absolute favorite is Sweater Weather. & Heads up I do believe it is in stores & online now! Save me at least one though, please! & Febreeze has an amazing scent out right now for fall. Autumn Harvest. I bought the spray this morning while picking up diapers. I didn't realize how yummy the scent was til I got home & sprayed the kitchen with it. I must stock up on this spray & get the candles too.

Pumpkin Spice Latte/Coffee - You can not enjoy the fall season with out 500 of these bad boys. I wish Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts kept these year round. 

Bon Fire - I love sitting around a fire with people I love, or at least kind of like [lol]. Smores, yes of course! & if I was not pregnant a few beers, possible pumpkin flavored. This fall I will secretly be hating everyone that is sipping on a nice cold beer. 

Windows Down - Fall weather is the best time to ride in the car with the windows down. Radio blasting. & my mini jamming out in the back seat. Oh you can do this in the summer, but if your like me, you will be sweating your tits off. No Beuno! 

Hoodies - Preferably Victoria's Secret Pink ones! Those are my favorite. Light weight & cozy. & since I live in Georgia I can still wear my flip flops. So all is good! 

Head over to my Pinterest FALL TIME album for more 
awesome fall stuff. 

I know y'all are dying for FALL to hurry up now! What are some things that you love about fall & can not wait for?


  1. fall may be one of my fave seasons too Ashley. But I'm not quite ready for Summer to be over with. after this coming weekend Summer can end Monday :p

  2. Ohhhhh my gosh, I cannot wait for autumn!!!!! It sucks living in Tampa though because there aren't any colors though.
    I am excited for pumpkin spice lattes, candles, decorating, Halloween and watching "Hocus Pocus" way too many times :)
    Also, s'mores.

  3. Thanks for stopping by & reading! <3 Halloween is like one of my top 5 holidays by far! & I actually have not seen Hocus Pocus in years! Crazy I know! But I will def have to rewatch it this fall!

  4. beach vaca or something?! That is understandable then! :P


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