Mama's Blessed : Nursery Ideas // 2nd Baby

Nursery Ideas // 2nd Baby

Monday, July 28, 2014

Now that I know we are having another girl, the fun has begun. Nursery room theme pickin'! 
I am torn between a few different styles & crazy as this sounds but I want her name & room to kind of go hand in hand. 

Sweet & Southern

We are in the south so makes perfect sense to go with a simple, sweet, & county type theme.

Burlap & lace are a must!

Her crib is brown so I am loving the coral and off white colors.

Lots of white. Wicker baskets. & a hint of floral. Sweet for sure.

& you can not have a southern/country themed room without a few mason
jars & some flowers!
I am also loving the pinks, white, & purple.

I will find a way to throw some gold & glitter in there.

A banner made of burlap? Yes please!

So if we go with the simple country style room she will need a sweet simple southern name!

Coral, Black, White, & Gold

Gold mason jar with bright flowers. Of course.

I absolutely love black, white, & coral together. & with a tiny splash of GOLD.

Gold Letters.

Black, white, coral, & gold tassel hanging over her head would be perfect.
I made one of these for Kenzie's first birthday & I loved it. It was super cheap & easy to make.

I think with this color scheme the room could be very simple as well. 
[ All pictures are on pinterest, pinned in my Baby Girl #2 album.]

If we go with this theme nursery she needs a more unique name. Still girly, but 
not super simple.

Have any name ideas to fit these 2 themes? I would love to hear them!!


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  1. I'm sure what ever you do girl. It will look awesome.

  2. Ooh I love the sweet & southern theme! The coral, black, white and gold looks great but for me the colours seem more for a living area than a nursery. Plus I love the idea of your bubba having a sweet name! Thanks for linking me to this post!

    Jaq @

  3. Yes I am leaning more towards the southern theme. & I agree, the other just doesnt seem fit for baby. Maybe my toddler though!?

  4. I love love love the burlap and lace! Amazing!

  5. Thanks mama! I do too! Looks so girly. & for sure southern! <3

  6. Cute ideas! I heard a cute name at a birthday party over the weekend, Mavery :)


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