Mama's Blessed : Sh*t My Toddler Says

Sh*t My Toddler Says

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My toddler [Kenzie Love] is a few months away from being 2 years old! I already feel like she is a grown up
in a little toddler body. We have actual conversations, not that I understand every word of hers. I understand most& she completely understands what I am saying whether she listens & obeys or not. Her motto, like her daddy's, is I do what I want.

Oh yeah I have my hands full for sure.

I have noticed, along with a lot-of other people as well, that she speaks more/better than most 2 & possibly some 3 year olds! I know this is for sure from the toddlers I have came in to contact with. 
Some days I am proud of my mini me, other days I wish she would just be quiet! Horrible I know! 

She talks non stop but here are a few recent things that actually made me giggle.. & feel proud of how grown up she is.

" Shake your butt" while she shakes her tiny tushie & gets down. She loves to do this when she is standing on a table or chair. & LOVES to shake it when she is naked! 

"Shut up" Every time the dog barks. Or if someone is talking and not paying attention to her.

"Shit!" This is my fault for sure. Her favorite word when she is doing something she finds difficult to do, or if she drops something. My mini through & through.

"I love that." Let her see a cookie, snack, or something that she can not have. 

"I want that." She normally says this after handing something to you & then snatches it back.

"Mommy stinks." I was changing her poop diaper & I said "You stink. Say I stink." & that was her take on it.

"I want coffee." She wants to be like mommy & daddy. When we have our mugs of coffee, we tell her that her sippy cup of milk or water is coffee too.

"Hey wake up!" While jumping all over daddy in the bed. He loves every minute of it. 

"Goodnight" is usually the last thing she says after being put in her crib for the night.

"I want to go night night." I love hearing this. Makes mommy happy. 

"Umm....?" Ask her her name, or age. 

"Yup, I know." Her reply to a lot of things. She knows it all already.


  1. Haha, so cute! Love the last one especially.

  2. Thanks! Yeah I love when she says that. She is so grown.

  3. Oh my goodness! She sounds like my little diva! My daughter is constantly telling someone to hush. When the dog barks, when her baby brother cries... Hush! I'm always telling her, "You're not the boss." My daughter is a sleeper as well and sometimes I try to squeeze in some snuggles before bed and she'll push away, look me in the eye, and say, "Mommy. Bed." and point her little finger and the crib.

    Kids are so funny and my favorite thing is when she says or does something, that I'm like omg. She's just like me! I think our girls would get along just fine!

  4. Haha! They sound so much alike, they would for sure get along great! They can keep all the other kids in line! :P

  5. This is so adorable! I think it's hilarious when kids have funny things to say.
    She reminds me of my son when he was that age (he's 4 now), and he hasn't grown out of his funny phrases. :) My 18 month old is starting to pick it up too.

  6. makes life more enjoyable! <3

  7. Oh my gosh...she is A-DOR-able! And brilliant! I laughed at so many of these...she's going to keep you on your toes, that's for sure!

  8. Thanks :) She already does! :P I can only imagine what it is going to be like once her baby sister gets here!

  9. So funny! My daughter talks a ton as well and she's almost 3, but has been talking since probably 18 months. I, too, just wish she would be quiet every so often. I love when they say funny things.

  10. Agree, they make life more entertaining! <3


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