Mama's Blessed : Sh*t That Only Makes Sense To Moms

Sh*t That Only Makes Sense To Moms

Friday, July 4, 2014

This is a list of things that only moms get. Whether it makes sense or not, we still do these things. Or allow them. You would think we would learn our lesson, but no. Feel free to leave comments if you have something to add to this list. Being a mom to a toddler & pregnant, I can be very forgetful.

1. The Satan whisper in your child's ear when they are misbehaving in public. Reality is this probably just scares the crap out of them making the situation way worse. But we continue & swear by it.

2. Phone convos with other adults. "My child is acting a fool, OH, I need to call .....!" Screaming at our kids while screaming into the adults ear on the other end of the phone, so rude, yet why can we not stop?

3. ME/MOMMY TIME. It does not exist, so why do we have to get out hopes up to only let ourselves down?

4. Money spent on toys. We do it, but why bother when we end up just forking over our cell phones, remotes, wallets, & other adult stuff to our kids because that is what they prefer!

5. Stocking up on dry shampoo- because the 2 extra minutes it would take in the shower to wash our hair is not "doable". Though we somehow have the 2 minutes to spare that it takes to coat our dirty mom hair with dry shampoo.

6. Bribing our child with snacks, especially in public. Worse thing ever! Something has been started that will not be easily broke! We F'ed up!

7. Why don't we get out of the house around kids nap time?! Sounds like a "good" plan, sike! Then we are pulling our hair out while trying to calm a over tired mini!

I am guilty of every single one of these. That is why I have listed them. I am sure most of you moms are as well. It's called #mommylife & we love it. Doesn't make sense to anyone but us really.


  1. Don't forget the face we make in public that will make your child become an instant angel.
    Also trading in novels for picture books :)
    Also paying over 100 a month to only have one channel on your tv. Lol

    1. hahah yeah those too! Kenzie doesn't care about the mom face!

  2. I'm guilty of all of these! you have hit the nail on the head my dear!

  3. :) #mamalife its the best lol.


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