Mama's Blessed : Sunday Social // 7-27

Sunday Social // 7-27

Sunday, July 27, 2014

This is my first time taking part in this Sunday Social link up. Every week for the link up there will be a list of questions to answer.  The host/creator of this link up is Ashley. She blogs over at Check her out & join in on the Sunday fun!

Social Sunday

1. Three favorite songs right now?
  - Rude - Magic!
  - Fancy- Iggy
  - I Hope You Get Lonely Tonight- Cole Swindell

2. Three favorite movies that remind you of summer?
  - Now & Then
  - The Great Outdoors
  - National Lampoon's Vacation

3. Three favorite articles of clothing that you own?
  - My VS pink hoodie[s]
  - Maternity demin shorts
  - Flip flops

4. Three items on your wish list?
  - New camera
  - SUV
  - Purse

5. Three books you would recommend to someone?
  - Bible [ of course]
  - Wife After God
  - The Good Wifes Guide

1 comment:

  1. Now and then is one of my fave movies. And I love some of the songs you listed. I am in love with Fancy. :D I will have to check out that song from Cole. I only know of Chillin'.


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