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Baby Gear // Registry

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Baby girl #2 arrives December. & that is not to far away. I have been thinking a lot about what we need
this go round with her. We plan on passing pretty much anything we still have of Kenzie's on to
her baby sister. But there are things we do not have, & did not even get with Kenzie. 
These are the bigger items that will be on baby registry this go round.

I have looked into these infant seat/swings a good bit. You can even ask my husband, I have stood 
in BabiesRUs drooling over this thing! It is light weight, has nature sounds to play or can use
mp3/phone hookup for music. Rocking horse motion. Takes up less room than most
swings. I have to have this for baby girl. 

An infant car seat obviously. I wanted something gender neutral this go round.
Just in case.

A double stroller is going to be a must. We still have Kenzie's jogging stroller & her small
stroller. But I think realistically a double one will be a life saver. 

This Hello Kitty double stroller is my 1st pick. I am praying I can get this one in
my hands. If not I will settle for the Graco one!

Bouncers are easy to move from room to room with no issue. 
I had one with Kenzie & I want one for baby girl as well. 
Hello Kitty all the way!!!

This hello kitty walker is not really a must. Kenzie had a walker & I figured she should too.
& I came across this one! I love so much!
I have heard walkers are not good to use, but I had no issue with Kenzie using one.


  1. all of that is adorable! :) LOVE the hello kitty stuff.
    oh, and both of my kids used walkers and we have no issues. :)

  2. I know I wish I could do everything Hello Kitty!

  3. I'll be glad when we can afford a bigger house & the kids have their own rooms (currently in a 2 BR) so the kids' room is neutral. I can't wait to personalize their own rooms!

  4. Our girls will have their own rooms for now. But I really want them to share a room! But the house we are at now, has really small bed rooms.

  5. Definitely get a double stroller! We used ours a lot, especially on days out to special places like parks and museums, etc. Love all the stuff you have picked out!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! <3 My mom has a double stroller for when she has my daughter & my nephew. But hers is side by side. I didnt like it set up like that. I felt like it was to wide and bulky. But even still it was a life saver for our mall trip we had together.

  7. oooh I'd definitely have the mamroo or the rockaroo on my second time around registry! And a huge workout ball so I could bounce on it holding the babe. I hear it works wonders, wish I had had one with my first she loved moving!

  8. Pretty much right after I posted this post I came across a lady selling her baby swing because her hubs is in the military & had to move... So we ended up getting it! Ha. It is not a rockaroo but still a really cute swing. We shall see how it works out! I am sure any swing will do! & the same with the car seat. I got her infant car seat too at really good price! So less to add to the baby registry now! :P I never thought about using an exercise ball! I may have to buy one when she arrives & try it out.


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