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Mama Needs Motivation

Monday, August 25, 2014

This mama right here needs some motivation. On a serious level. 
I have been feeling bad for like 2 weeks now, one thing after another.
That will drain your energy right there. 
Being pregnant can be hard work, crazy I know. But it is the truth.

[23 weeks & 3 days today, a hot MAMA mess!]

Throw a toddler that has recently started throwing tantrums & you 
might as well not roll out of bed.
Kenzie is becoming her own little person more so than ever right now.
She wants to be able to do what mama & daddy are doing, & that
aint happening! She does not like that one bit.
Though she is being a little turd here lately, she still seems to make me laugh.
& that makes this mama happy.

I have been struggling with scheduling my posts ahead of time. It sure would make everything
go more smoothly if I would just get on the ball. I have tons of post ideas, just have to get them
completed & typed up. & scheduled or published. I am all over the place with my post ideas though, 
not sure what to do about that.

The spare room has been a junk room for a little while now. With baby sister coming
it HAS to be cleared out, I want to move Kenzie into it. & let baby sister have her old 
bedroom. I hate even looking in there honestly. I get discouraged fast when I see what
an unorganized mess I have allowed it to become. 

Oh Lord, & the laundry. I have got to tackle this today! ASAP!
They have made it to the couch but that is as far as they have gone in the past few days.
I hate folding & putting away clean laundry. & not feeling well has made me
hate it even more. 

This mama is a mess right now, & needs some motivation! I love being a wife & mother. I love
being home (I work like one day a week lol). Today has just started out overwhelming, because 
I know there is so much I should be trying to get done. There are not enough hours in the day
to tackle this to do list for today. 

Mama or not, how do you find motivation when it is no where in sight?!


  1. Oh motivation... Aren't we all looking for it? I wish I could give some tips but I'm looking for some myself. (my living room looks like $#!t lol.) time to help each other!

  2. Glad I am not alone! I will let you know if I figure it out as well! :P

  3. I'm totally feeling ya! I caught up on laundry the other day, and it really made me feel accomplished, so I would say -- what helped me was to check one thing off my list that didn't include just feeding myself and my son :) I set some goals this week on my post here:
    let me know what you think :D
    ~Andrea || mitchaeljourney

  4. Great goals! I def have to start small!

  5. I hear siesta! That's where my life is at too. Toddlers and pregnancy..... Big sigh of tired. Hang in there! We can do this shiz!

  6. Do the laundry like your mommy suggested and it will change your life! Do not take it out of dryer unless you plan to fold it and put it away. Take one item out at a time fold or hang over door of dryer if its a hang up item. I rarely have to iron doing this. Now that you're pregnant it may be a pain to bend and get each item this is where you get Kenzie involved. Have her get each item out of dryer for you to fold. This is a win/win. You are spending quality time with her and teaching her mundane task can be you know where she is and what she's doing. Also try what I do. Me and Jayden count each item. So now were actually learning to count ;) I know it's rough baby and you feel overwhelmed. I do too with this sweet jayden and trying to keep up the house too. Just try to find a way to make chores into bonding time for the two of you. Love love love you!!!

  7. Love you! & I plan to try it your way, I know it would make things easier, Kenzie does love to help with laundry!


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