Mama's Blessed : Thankful Thursday [10]

Thankful Thursday [10]

Thursday, August 7, 2014

This week I am thankful for:

DVR - For sure! Recording my weekly tv shows is pretty much the only way they get watched.
I rarely sit down at the time my show comes on & watch it. So if I didnt have my DVR then
I would probably miss most my shows.

My little blog notepad - I have tons of blogging ideas running through my 
head but if I do not write them down pretty much immediately, then 
they are gone. 

Fruit Loops - I have been eating this cereal non stop over the past few
days. Baby likes. & so does Kenzie.

Tums - Pregnancy heart burn is a b word for sure.


  1. For your heartburn, try milk! I actually hate milk, but during my pregnancy, got to the point I couldn't stand tums anymore. Milk works so fast, it's almost instant! I swear at the end I was drinking almost a gallon of chocolate milk a day!

  2. I agree about the DVR!! It keeps you from missing an episode of a series! Looks like this baby will have a head full of hair like Kenzie did.

  3. I so miss DVR. Use to have it but now I don't. I miss being able to just set and go and not worry about it. And know that later I can watch my shows. Oh if only we had it now. Heart burn is ridiculous. Acid reflux or whatever you want to call it. I can only imagine what you and other pregnant ladies go thru. I have it now and I'm not pregnant and it's ridiculous to the point it makes me sick.

  4. Milk does seem to help, though when I toss in some yummy cereal it doesnt! Haha! I never knew cereal could give me such horrible heart burn!

  5. I am thinking little sister will! Maybe she will get to keep hers though. & not lose it like Kenzie did!

  6. Does it get so bad you have to throw up?! It has been like that for me so far a few times! I get rid of morning sickness just to replace it with horrible headaches & horrible heartburn. All worth it though. I do not know how I even functioned in life before dvr came along! HA!

  7. It feels like that but I think i've only thrown up once with it.

  8. ooh... DVR... I miss the DVR! :(
    Also, did you know ice cream gets rid of heartburn too? at least it did for me. because of the dairy in it.

  9. i didnt think about ice cream!


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