Mama's Blessed : 6 Year Wedding Anniversary // JapanFest

6 Year Wedding Anniversary // JapanFest

Sunday, September 21, 2014

This past Saturday was my & Keith's 6 year wedding anniversary [9/20], making it 9 years total of being together! To celebrate we decided we would attend JapanFest, past the ATL area, since we both LOVE Japan! I took Kenzie to my moms on Friday, so we could enjoy our time KID FREE! 
We missed her a crazy amount, but we did enjoy our grown up time! Friday night we just went walking around the outdoor strip mall in Newnan & ate some amazing wings at Taco Mac. I am obsessed with buffalo sauce. It gives me killer heartburn, but I HAVE to have it. 

That beer is Keith's of course!

Saturday we planned on getting to the Gwinnett Center when Japanfest opened, 10am.
BUT I guess since I was kid free I over slept & did not even wake up til 10:30. Much needed
sleep though, I must say. 

[ Oh & I got my hair done when I took my mini to my mom's, 
It is actually a red & purple-y/eggplant color. I absolutely love it, & I am
really digging my bangs! Thanks Jessie!]

We live right below the Atlanta area, so to get
to Duluth where JapanFest was being held, it was only supposed to 
take us an hour. Passing through all the Atlanta traffic was a b word for sure.
Luckily Keith drove there. It ended up taking us over an hour & 30 minutes.

Well, JapanFest was AMAZING. SO much to do & see. So much shopping. 
It was so packed in there so that it was hard to get a lot of pictures of anything really. 
& we spent so much time seeing all the booths & shopping that we did not spend
much time on shows or demonstrations. We did catch the very end of a new
anime screening when we finally got there. "/ 

Keith spent a lot of time talking to the man running the Bonsai tree booth.
He is obsessed with them. 

There were so many Hello Kitty & anime stuff!!

This is the sword we liked best. But someone bought it by the time we went back
around to buy it. SO Keith ended up getting a robe thingy instead. 

Keith even got to take a picture with DOMO, but we can not see it til the end of the month. It will be on I did not want to take one because they had it blown up on a big screen for everyone to see, & this pregnant woman already feels 500 pounds bigger than normal! 

There were plenty of Japanese food vendors & Keith spent a good amount of time
over at the SAKE vendors.. Meaning I had to drive home. :P

We had to hit up the Bento booth no doubt! ( Sadly the Bento Bus was already out of food when we went out to get some!) We got these cute sandwich/cookie cutters to make cute stuff for Kenzie!

Everyone was walking around dragging these cute dogs, so
of course I had to get Kenzie one.
We did get Kenzie a few Hello Kitty things as well. 
I wanted to buy anything an everything there! But we settled for JapanFest t-shirts!

Kenzie had some fun too on Saturday, she got to go to the CIRCUS! <3 When we got home, my mini was there waiting for us. We got to spend a little time with her before putting her to bed, & finishing OUR day/night with a movie- The Fault In Our Stars. 


  1. Happy Anniversary! Sounds and looks like you had a great day! This is the first time I've ever heard of a JapanFest--if we ever get one around here, I'll have to go!

  2. Thanks so much! <3 I do not know where all they have them, but if there is one near you at any time you should def go! I had a blast. I will def be taking the kids next year!

  3. We will go next year too!!! Kenzie had a blast with her MooMoo :)

  4. My boyfriend and I love Japanese culture and food, so this would be so much fun to go to! Maybe I'll be able to go next year. Happy Anniversary!

  5. This sounds so fun! Have you ever been to the Greek Festival in Atlanta? It's SO much fun too! They have THE BEST food there, fun music and dancing, and things to buy. I think it's coming up in October! Happy Anniversary! :)

  6. Thanks! & It is so worth it! I can not wait til next year!

  7. No I have not heard of that!? I will have to look it up, sounds pretty awesome. & if they serve beer then my hubs will be all for it! lol. & thanks!

  8. Jessica Pureromance BuresSeptember 22, 2014 at 5:13 PM

    that is really cute! congrats on the 1 year and your new baby on the way!!

  9. 6 years! :P & thanks girl! :)

  10. Congratulations on 6 years! and cute baby bump makes 6 years in better:)

  11. congrats. Since you are a sponsor on my blg I shared this on my facebook and twitter.

  12. Thanks! :) & thank you for sharing!


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