Mama's Blessed : Dance Ballerina Dance // Guest Post

Dance Ballerina Dance // Guest Post

Monday, September 1, 2014

Okay guys I am handing over the blog today to an awesome southern mama like me, Melissa. She blogs over at The Rambling Llama . 

Music has always been a big part of my life. For as long as I can remember there's always been music playing in my parents' houses, my grandparents, and now even my own. My Grandma always said, "Music that is loved by several generations is truly great, well written music". She was so very right about that.

My absolute favorite artist, ever, is Nat King Cole. Remember cassette players in cars? When my mom would get sick of listening to the radio in the car on long road trips we'd listen to cassettes. My sister and I only had one, a Disney Princess cassette with (awesome) Disney songs. Once that was over, we listened to my mom's. One of those was the Best of Nat King Cole! When we were first introduced to Nat, I never paid attention to the lyrics, I just knew the songs had a fun beat and he could sing really well.

As I got older, I bought a lot of his CD's and really started listening to the lyrics. I STILL LOVE HIM!

I think my most favorite is "Ballerina".

If you listen to the lyrics, he's encouraging the ballerina to continue on with her show even though her love isn't in the audience applauding her on. What I take from it: She chose her ballet career instead of a relationship, and she's fighting through it.

Both of my kids laugh when I sing parts of the song to them. With "Twirl, Ballerina, Twirl" they laugh and spin. They're both so happy and carefree. They don't need to know the meaning of the lyrics just yet, but it warms my heart to know they love all kinds of music already. My oldest even asks for this song specifically so they can spin.

My husband laughs at me because of my wide taste in music, but that's how I was raised and that's how my kids will be raised. I think a music-filled home is a happy home. What's your favorite song?


  1. I was happy to help for today :)

  2. Music *does* make a happy home!! I always have music playing and Bug dances away - some songs get her groovin' more than others - Michael Jackson is always a winner, as found out by her dad haha. :) I don't have a favorite song (I love way too many to pick just one) but I also have songs / artists that make me think of being a kid and hearing my mom's music play...Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, James Taylor, anything from any of those artists and I immediately am transported to our first house, middle of the summer, windows open, and a breeze flowing - magic!! :)

  3. my first concert ever was Chicago with my best. Best experience ever! :) I'm like you though, I love all sorts of music.


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