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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

After all the waiting and all the excitement, it's finally here: the Mamas Tell All link up has officially started! We are so excited to be doing this with all of you, and we can't wait to get to know each and every one of you. We decided to start the link up off with a topic that will kind of encompass everything we're going to talk about: the perfect mama. This week we want to hear what your idea of the perfect mama is. Don't forget to follow our hosts, and put the button in your post and on your sidebar! Then read some of the other may learn a thing or two, and you'll definitely meet some fun new mamas!


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This weeks topic is What is my vision of the perfect mom.

The perfect mom. There is not one. A great mom is one that knows that being the perfect mom is impossible & in no way reachable. No human is perfect, no mom either. Loving our child[ren] with everything inside our being, that is damn near close to perfection right there. Our children are not looking for perfection from us. They are looking for love, comfort, protection, & our time. 

In the midst of screaming kids & a messy house, a good mom knows that she is doing the best she can. She may have a mommy melt down but she picks herself up, says a little needed prayer, & goes on about her daily routine. She looks in the mirror at the hot mess she has become & loves it. Really loves it. She is proud, & knows she is blessed. 

I am one bad ass mom, so says my About Me page. 

Please join us the next few Wednesdays for Mamas Tell All. Here are the topics.

September 17 - How to Keep Your Marriage Alive After Children.
September 24 - Kids and Eating - How to Get Around a Picky Eater.
October 1 - Choosing the Size of Your Family. How did you decide how many children is right for your family and why?  
October 8 - The Crappiest & Happiest of Motherhood.
October 15 - Making Motherhood Work - Are you a working mom, a stay at home mom or something else entirely, and how do you make that role work for your family? 
October 22 - Never Would I Ever, Until I Did - What things did you swear you'd never do as a mom and why (no pacis, no TV, etc.)? 
October 29 - Making time for Mama - How do you find time to relax and treat yourself? 
November 5 - Planning for the Future - Do you have a living will, guardianship and college saving funds in place. What's necessary and how do you make sure your child is prepared for the future? 
November 12 - Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle when you have children.


  1. There is no higher calling in our lives than the call to be a wife and mom. Our role changes as our children grow but realizing the gift of life in front of you is the first step to being an awesome mom.its not about just meeting our children's needs. It's also about embracing who they are as little individuals. Each stage of mommy hood is amazing! Just you wait until your daughter calls you about her own life or her baby. Then you will know it wasn't about being perfect it was about how much you love them and showed them how much they mean to you.

  2. <3 I want to enjoy every stage with Kenzie. & Mina. They are blessing for sure. When I see me in Kenzie I know that I have to strive to be the best mom I can be for her. Though when I hear her say a cuss word that she obviously learned from me, it shows me right there that I am no way perfect. I am human. I am a mom!

  3. Great post! Giving them undying love, protection, and encouragement is what makes children relax enough so that they can grow and develop. Love your sassiness!

  4. Ha, thanks! :P My child is def growing into a little mini me. I want her to look at me & think " I want to be just like my mama. " & I want that to actually be a good thing!

  5. No truer words were written. And I completely agree, you are one bad ass mom!

  6. You ARE a badass mom! This was so well said. All you can do is lay down the foundation, and pray, and trust in the Lord that what you're doing sinks in. :)

  7. This couldn't be more real. So many times we can get caught up in thinking we are not doing all we need to. I have struggled a lot with this in being a new mom but have realised over time that we can never really get close to perfection. We can only do the best we can, and if all that is is loving our child(ren) then that's perfect enough! I am looking forward to joining in on some of these Mamas Tell All. I think its a great idea! :)

  8. Yes, I'm going to completely love this link up. Loving all the topics!!

  9. I am super stoked about next weeks topic. Marriage after baby. That is going to be a good one to cover!

  10. Well said! & I am excited you plan on joining in, next weeks topic is a good one!

  11. What a brilliant link-up!!! I just popped over from Oak + Oats and look forward to adding my posts to some of these prompts coming up! Great ideas :) YAAAY!

  12. Cute idea! Love all the prompts, so fun! Hopping over from the Oak&Oats link up, hope you have a great week!

  13. Thanks for stopping by! <3 Yes, we are super excited about this link up!

  14. Thanks, YES please join in on this link up! I love reading other mamas take on everything!

  15. This is such a great idea for a link up! I added these topics to my to-blog list!

  16. Hope you join it! Tomorrows topic is def a good one! :)


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