Mama's Blessed : Baby #2 // To Do & To Buy

Baby #2 // To Do & To Buy

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[ This bump picture is from Sunday. 31 weeks & 2 days.]

Only a month & a half or a little more left til Mina Grace arrives, & we still have so much to do. So much to buy. Thinking about all of the NEED to do's I get a little overwhelmed. I know that reality is I do not have to have EVERYTHING ready by the time she gets here. I mean she will be in our room in her pack n play for at least a few weeks. So, that means we do not have to have her nursery fully done & decorated for her arrival. But I also know that the more we can accomplish before her arrival, the less to stress & worry with after she gets here. 

To Do

+ switch rooms around. Mina will take Kenzie's room.
+ wash her clothes, blankets, & swaddles.
+ organize her closet.
+ find out if my BROKE breast pump can be fixed. :[
+ pack hospital bags
+ come up with game plan for big day for big sister. [ all our fam lives an hour & half away! ]
+ GET A MINI VAN ASAP! Ha. Yeah I am about to be that mom!
+ if no mini van, clean out car & install car seat to make sure all works properly.
+ register at hospital & do l&d tour. [ I am a little nervous about this part because last go round with Kenzie, I went into labor the same day that I registered & did the labor & delivery tour of my hospital! That night when I was taken to the hospital I had some of the same nurses helping me that were there helping out with the l&d tour. So I want to wait a little longer til I check this off the list!

To Buy

+ diapers & wipes.
+ play mat.
+ diaper genie
+ bouncer
+ a few swaddle blankets
+ nursery decor
+ clothes [ you can never have to many clothes when it comes to a newborn ]

May have to add to this list as we go, & hopefully check off as well!


  1. I remember having to get prepared for the second baby, it was so stressful but exciting at the same time.

  2. I love that you are getting a mini van! Hahaha I would LOVE one!

  3. My husband wants one more than I do. I would love an suv. But My mom has a newer mini van & it is awesome. SO I know its probably the best way to go!

  4. Yes that is how I feel pretty much everyday! lol. Stress & excitement!

  5. Ugh, our list to do is long too! Makes me freak out every time that I look at it!

  6. Yeah I was kind of freaking out last night while typing it up! Ha!

  7. I'd love to know what double stroller and mini van you end up getting. We want another baby sooner rather than later and I'm with ya on being "that mom". Mini vans are totally cool now though haha :)

  8. I will def let you know when we finally get them! I am pretty excited to be that awesome mom! haaha


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