Mama's Blessed : #iamobsessed [5]

#iamobsessed [5]

Friday, October 10, 2014

This is something I did a few times last year [see the posts here], & I figured I would try to bring it back & see how I like it. So for now Fridays are for #iamobsessed posts! A list of my weekly obsessions, obviously. 

I am totally obsessing over:

+ Pretzels
+ My new denim jacket
+ Selfie/the show
+ Snuggles from my mini
+ Maroon nail polish
+ PSL of course
+ Watercolors shampoo / crimson 
+ My red hair 
+ The occasional fall weather
+ Nyx lipstick

What are some things you are obsessed over right now?


  1. that's a good list...especially the PSL

  2. Right!? :P I I have a free drink, so I HAVE to get me a psl tomorrow! :P Ill tweet ya a pic! HAAHA

  3. What is watercolors shampoo? I am obsessed with all things Fall right now, even if it is still in the 80's!

  4. Me too! I wish the weather would cool down! "/ Watercolor shampoo is a brand that has actually color in it, so when you dye your hair you can use it in between salon visits & it will keep putting a little color back in it. The red color I have in my hair is fading fast at the ends so my cousin ( who is my actually hairdresser lol) ordered it for me. Turns my tub red, but I LOVE it!


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