Mama's Blessed : #iamobsessed [6]

#iamobsessed [6]

Friday, October 17, 2014

Right now I am obsessing over:

+ Ink Master on Netflix. [ Which I just finished last night, because there was only
two seasons on there.]

+ Planning Kenzie's 2nd birthday. HELLO KITTY it is! [FINALLY bought a few things
decoration wise to get this party started! lol]

+ Which color converse to get for my birthday. The white or off white.

+ Apple Crisp yogurt.

+ This Rad Maverix Brand tank. [I actually won this tank in a Facebook giveaway. The lady 
behind this brand is Merrissa & she blogs over at Rad Maverix. She is the sweetest! I am sure there will be plenty more pictures of this tank on IG because I plan on wearing it EVERYDAY! Ha, it is that comfy!]

+ I am still obsessing over this jean jacket that I mentioned last week, see here

+ This fall weather. It is SLOWLY making its way here! 

+ 19 Kids & Counting

What are you totally obsessing over right now?


  1. I have this tank too!! I absolutely love it, and it is so versatile. I wore a flannel over it last week with some bling!

  2. CUTE tank! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that loves Ink Master AND 19 kids & counting. haha #guiltypleasure.
    thanks, GA weather for finally cooling down a bit (again). lol.

  3. I'm obsessed with all things Disney. My show is Once upon a time!! I'm also obsessed with my sweet little grandbabies! I can't wait until Princess Mina makes her way into this crazy life with us!!!

  4. I have been looking for a cute flannel to go over it! :P Sounds cute!

  5. yeah well i am hoping it hurries up & gets cooler than this! have you seen season 3 yet of ink master? Netflix only had 1 &2 "/

  6. Yeah you sure are obsessed with disney! ha! :P Kenzie loves her moomoo & I know Mina will too!

  7. That's a cute tank! If you're debating which converse to get, I would get the white converse. I have them and I love them! They're clean and go with everything :)

  8. Thanks I love it, its super comfy! <3 & I just got the converse the other day! I did end up going with white! & I am glad I did. I decided to go with the ones that slip on/have stretchy backs. I love them. Perfect for a preggers! lol.


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