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Mamas Tell All // Never Would I Ever

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hey mamas, it is that time again! Are you excited? I am! Be sure to link up with us, add the Mamas Tell All button to your sidebar or post, & visit some of the other mamas posts! 


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This week the topic is: Never Would I Ever til I Did..What things did you swear you'd never do as a mom and why (no pacis, no TV, etc.)? 

+ Let Kenzie watch tv much. I actually leave cartoons on most the day, though she does not sit & watch them that much. She is more into running all over the house playing & getting into things.  The tv really does help out when I need to get something done. So I suppose it is not that bad.

+ Eat sweets. I do wish I would have stuck to this better. She does not get a lot of sweets but I feel she has been given more than she should have. Though I am blessed with a toddler than loves fruits & veggies.

+ Not be potty trained by 2. I thought we were doing good around March or April but she did not stick to it. So I am still struggling with this one. Only a few weeks til her 2nd birthday. Wish me luck! 

+ Use disposable diapers. I LOVED cloth diapering. But I ran in to a few issues that discouraged me very much that I switched back to disposables. [I did us sposies til Kenzie was 2 months old, that was easier on us that way.]

+ Not breastfeed. I am sure if it was not for going back to work & having issues pumping, I would have definitely breast fed Kenzie past her 8th month. I was pretty bummed when we had to switch her to formula.

+ Go back to work. Before & after having Kenzie I wanted to stay at home. I could not see me going back to work so soon. But when Kenzie turned 8 months we decided me going back to work was the best thing for us. 

+ Feed her store bought baby food. I actually made Kenzie's baby food for a little while in the beginning. I used my blender & used ice cube trays to freeze her foods. Then I was introduced to the awesome & super convenient baby food pouches. & I got hooked. 

I am hoping that round two may be better. But I supposed we will take it as it comes. Our hands will be full for sure! 

What is one thing you swore you would not do after having baby but did?

See y'all next week! The topic will be: Making time for Mama - How do you find time to relax and treat yourself? 


  1. oh the sweets. I wish we had stayed away from sweets too. you're still a great mama,baby food pouches and all. <3

  2. I think it's great that you start out doing what you're sure is the best thing, then change your plans as you realize something else will work better. Parenting is such trial & error!

  3. I did the same thing with baby food! It was just too hard and not worth the trouble...she seemed to eat store bought baby food so much better!

  4. Thanks! :) You too mama! & yeah I always heard if you dont give them sugar they wont crave it. & well I totally f'd that one up! haha

  5. Very true. Thanks, I hope I will do better this next time around. Kenzie was the trial & error child! Ha.

  6. EXACTLY. & man alot of those pouches taste GOOD! lol.

  7. I think this is the best reason why we cannot judge other moms and situations! Good work, Ashley! Parenting = Adapting :)

  8. Jamie@HandlingWGraceOctober 22, 2014 at 12:15 PM

    I never thought my daughter would do the princess/Barbie thjng... She is obsessed.

  9. Very true. We are all doing our best & learning as we go! THanks.

  10. Ha! I hate princess & barbie stuff! So far we are doing good to keep her away ha. I have managed to get her to love Hello Kitty just as much as I do! But she is not even two yet, so we shall see.

  11. We have to stay flexible as moms! You are doing a great job. I worry about sweets too when he gets older only because we have such serious issues with it!

  12. Thanks mama. Yeah we did too, but then my hubs got really sick & went to dr & had to change his diet. He has been loosing all that extra SNACK weight her put on while I am over here gaining weight by the minute! Ha. So I am worried for Kenz.

  13. I think a lot of people try to stick to things they say they will never do in the first few months of having a baby but you have to make sure you do the best thing for you and your family! I think you are doing a pretty terrific job and I love this link-up, it's so cute!

  14. Awe, thanks girl! I am trying. & learning. Can't be perfect, so as long as my babies are happy & healthy I think I am doing okay! Haha


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