Mama's Blessed : Mamas Tell All // Size of My Family

Mamas Tell All // Size of My Family

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

 Another Mamas Tell All post is here again! I am loving this weekly link up more & more as time goes by. I am loving the topics & the mamas that I am getting to know every week.

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This week the topic is Family size & how we decided what was right for us.

How did we decide what the size of our family should be...
Well we have not. The way I see things is if God wants me to have a child, he will bless me with one. SO far he has blessed me with two.. on HIS time. They were not planned by me & my husband. 
Keith wants to just have two for a good long while. Maybe even leave it at just two. But I would love to have another. Hopefully a boy, but only if God has plans for that. 

So my answer is we have not decided nor will decide. God has the only say so in this one! <3


  1. great answer :) for now we're OK with two, but we'll see what the future holds

  2. I like that perspective. It's not something that we can really control, anyway!

  3. If its more that 2, bring it! lol

  4. Exactly. I am given what I am supposed to have! :)

  5. Amen, sister! I had quite a different plan in mind in regards to the timing of our kids, and yep...we've never "tried" to get pregnant yet. I wonder if I would have ever felt "ready" -- maybe that is why God has just brought them into our lives :) makes me wonder how many kids we'll end up with, though! Thanks for hosting this link-up once again! I just added my post!

  6. You are one CUTE mama!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy (not sure if I've said that to you already...) I WISH I had legs like you when I was pregnant, my thunder thighs turned into elephant trunks when carrying my baby boy hahahahah!!!!

  7. Yeah I always said if i waited til i was ready I would never have any! God knows when better than we do!

  8. Aww thanks. So far I have not had much swelling in my legs & feet. With Kenzie my legs and feet swelled up all the time. This go round I seem to only be gaining in the top half of my body, not really a good thing. haha;

  9. Such a sweet post! You are the CUTEST! Have a great weekend.

  10. Good outlook! I struggle trying to decide if I have made a decision about our family size. Reading your post helps to remind me I can relax in God's plan.

  11. Thanks for stopping by! & why stress about something that is in God's control anyway, right!? He knows what he is doing, WAY better than us!


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