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Mamas Tell All // To Work or Not

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hey mamas! It is that time again! One of my favorite days of the week in the blogging world. 
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This week the topic is:  Making Motherhood Work - Are you a working mom, a stay at home mom or something else entirely, and how do you make that role work for your family? 


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My plan, before Kenzie came along, was to be a stay at home mom. It was not til she was eight months old that my husband & I decided I should go back to work. It was very tough most days if we are being honest! I missed being home with my child, & I missed time with my husband. But there were plenty of moments I enjoyed being out of the home & around other adults. Now that I am pregnant again I pretty much work only one day a week, sometimes not even that. So I am home WAY more than I used to be, & I love it. I enjoy being home with my daughter. & right now we are preparing for another child to arrive so I need all this time at home. I have a long to do list to get this house & all of us ready for baby Mina Grace.

Once Mina arrives I am sure there is going to come a time when I decide I want to get back out in the world. Part time is probably the way I go if I do go back to work, because I will have two kids back at the house wanting mommy! Two kids requiring child care, which around here is super expensive! 

Something that does concern me [which may not be an issue for the next mama] is breastfeeding. I am 100% for breastfeeding & I was able to do solely that til I went back to work. So Kenzie was introduced to formula at 8 months. When I first went back to work I tried pumping but it was not really working out because of the long hours & not having time to pump at work. That really saddened me, I wanted to breastfeed as long as possible. So that is something I will be thinking a lot about this second time around. 

Being a stay at home mom or a working mom is your choice. Whatever is best for you and your family. If you can be a stay at home mom & not hurt money wise, that is awesome! Some mamas want to stay home but cant. & the some mamas do not have to work but choose to. You know what is best for you & your family. <3 

Are you a stay at home mom or a working mom?!

DO not forget to join us next week! The topic will be:  Never Would I Ever, Until I Did - What things did you swear you'd never do as a mom and why (no pacis, no TV, etc.)? 


  1. It's so true...childcare is so expensive! I'm sure you'll be able to work something out that makes you happy!

  2. Working moms AND stay at home moms have it so tough. both jobs are hard. I breastfed Ainsley for 11 months. I was lucky and was able to pump at work with no issues. yay for offices with doors! haha. I'm sure whatever you do will work out just fine with Mina :) (love that name btw)

  3. I think that those are some great points! There are so many things to change and adapt to when you add children into the family -- I think part-time work can be very well suited for mommy life!

  4. Tiffany {A Touch of Grace}October 15, 2014 at 11:06 AM

    All moms have a tough job, whether you stay at home or work. I work PT and have loved it for the last 2.5 years. But now that my daughter is in more activities, I want to be home with her, taking her to all those things. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot and it kills me some days.
    I hope you find a balance that makes you happy. :)

  5. I'll just echo everyone else with how tough it is to do either. Some days I wish I could have a baby break or a career outside the home, I get jealous of my attorney colleagues when I have lunch with them and they discuss their upcoming depositions and court hearings. There are days where I'm about to break because I don't know how to handle a crying baby. But then again I can't imagine the ache of leaving my baby all day to work. I don't know how I would handle the stress of a job and having to get so much done around the house and taking care of my baby. I think each mom just needs to find what works best for them and what makes them happiest and it is different for everyone, and not judge others who choose a different path!

  6. Great thoughts, I was all about breastfeeding too. Once my son turned 6 months I decided to stop with all the pumping because you are right it's just too hard to do and work full time. I hope I will be able to nurse our second baby for much longer!

  7. Yeah I have a few ideas if i decided to get back out in the working world!

  8. Thanks. Mina means love! <3 Yeah both working and sahm are super moms for sure!

  9. yeah part time does sound good. get to get out & talk with other adults a little & spend time with babies still. perfect!

  10. That is something that was killing me when I was working more, I felt i was missing out on so much! Mamas are awesome no matter what!

  11. I felt like a failure, even though that is not the case at all. Yeah I am praying I can breatfeed as long as possible.. I guess when she can say pull out your boob Im hungry I will give her a sippy cup or something! haha.

  12. Exactly NO JUDGING, just encouraging! <3 We all are doing what we have to do. We know what is best for our families!
    That is why i think if i do go back after Mina it will be part time. That way I am not away to much but can get a break still! :P

  13. I'm so encouraged that you've been able to work out an arrangement that allows you to spend more time at home, especially while you're pregnant. I also love that you're convicted to breastfeed again. It's so much more difficult once you're back at work. Great job mama!

  14. Thanks! I have learned a lot with Kenzie so that I can try to make better decisions this 2nd time around!


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