Mama's Blessed : Halloween 2014 // The Walking Dead

Halloween 2014 // The Walking Dead

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This Halloween was the first that we dressed Kenzie up & took her out & about.
She was only a few days from turning 2 & she does not get candy for the most part, so it did
not seem appropriate to take her trick or treating in the evening, door to door with older kids.
We decided to take her to the main street of Senoia Georgia because the shops were passing out
candy late afternoon. & plus the husband & I wanted to visit the Walking Dead Store [ Woodbury Shoppe] & the new Walking Dead Cafe that serves Starbucks! Heck yeah. Fun for the whole family. 
The main street shop area is where the Woodbury scenes from the Walking Dead were filmed, & there are plenty of places in Senoia & surrounding areas including our town that scenes are filmed. Exciting!! [ I am sad I did not get a good picture of the main street though. & that we live one town over for 3 years now & this was our first visit! Shame shame!]

Kenzie was Hello Kitty. She LOVED it. Even wore the costume for her birthday party. 

We got our Starbucks fix at the Walking Dead Cafe that is located
under the Woodbury Shoppe. Happy mama! <3 

I wanted to get a picture of Kenzie in the cell alone, but she was overly excited about everything going on around her she would not stand still.

Kenzie LOVED Daryl & his bike!

The Woodbury Shoppe / The Official Walking Dead Store was so awesome!
Anyone that is a fan & ends up nearby HAS to visit! 

I spot a Hello Kitty!

There were a few of these up and down the sidewalks. Movies filmed in GA. I could 
not find the Sweet Home Alabama one, but it was there somewhere! 

We were overly excited when we stepped inside Zac Brown's Southern Ground. We were wanting 
to eat there for a while now but were not sure where it was in Senoia. It is on Main Street! We walked in for Kenzie to get candy from the workers. It is bad ass in there for sure. It is more of a bar/adult type thing at night. So we plan on going for lunch one day so we can take Kenzie. 
Wish Zac Brown was the one handing out the candy. :( 

The food smelled AMAZING!

Kenzie LOVED walking the shops getting candy, talking to everyone, & seeing all the
other little kids dressed up!

She was a hit for sure! Of course everyone loved her & thought she was the cutest! 
Crazy though, I did not see any other Hello Kitty costumes!

I wish I would have got this onesie for Mina. We will be going back this weekend or next probably. 
So I will have to get it!

I was 33 weeks pregnant on Halloween. I figured it was the most appropriate time to 
wear my new shirt from my mom in law. It was a hit as well. Everyone had to stop
me & say how awesome it was! You know what would have been more awesome?! Being able
to breathe while walking around & not having to pee every 5 minutes!

Overall, this Halloween was awesome. We enjoyed our time & watching our daughter enjoy herself.


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  1. So cool! I may have to surprise my husband with a trip to this place. PS: Kenzie looks adorbs!

  2. You should for real. Maybe we could all meet there together one day! & thanks.

  3. I'm only 20 minutes away from Covington - parts of downtown is where Vampire Diaries were filmed. :) looks like y'all had a great Halloween!

  4. Oh that is awesome! :)

  5. Kenzie is so cute--love her costume! Sounds like you had a pretty fantastic, low key, Halloween! I love that you got to stop by the Walking Dead Shop and Cafe! I'm not a fan but my sister is and she would have loved that!

  6. Thanks <3 Yeah it was great. & my hubs is def more into the show than me.


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