Mama's Blessed : Hospital Bag Round #2

Hospital Bag Round #2

Monday, November 24, 2014

I am currently 36 weeks & 3 days, so having my hospital bag packed & ready to walk out the door is a MUST! I could pop at any moment, no joke.

This is me at 37 weeks with Kenzie Love.

Today 36 weeks & 3 days with Mina Grace. 

 This is my 2nd go round at packing a hospital bag, so this time I packed lighter. My first trip to the hospital to have Kenzie Love I definetely OVER packed. I talked about it here & here. I used a hand full of things & had two bags! Plus our pillows! Yikes. The nurses thought we were moving in. I did not want to show pictures of everything we packed [ no need to see my new CUTE granny panties, nursing pads, or my hubs boxers, YOUR WELCOME ], but I will list everything! So any mama's to be or future mama's I sure hope this will help you when it comes to packing! 

+ nursing pads
+ robe
+ one pj outfit for making trip home
+ socks
+ slipper socks
+ new cute granny panties [ will probably only wear home ]
+ flip flops for shower

+ boxers
+ pjs
+ pillow/blanket

+ a few outfits/onesies
+ mittens
+ blanket for leaving hospital 
+ swaddle
+ booties
+burp cloth
+ boppy pillow [maybe]

+ tolietries
+ cell phones
+ chargers
+laptop, depending on how things are going when we get ready to leave house
+ Kenzie Love unless someone has came to the house to get her

This is light packing compared to last time! Though I am sure we still will not use some
of this stuff! 

+NOTE: Use what the hospital provides. [ Diapers, pads, undies, & such.]


  1. Awww you are so close! I am definitely an over packer so if/when we have kids, I know I'll be the one looking like a crazy bag lady--haha! Also, your baby bag is TOO CUTE!

  2. SO CLOSE! no joke, with both kids I forgot shampoo and josh had to go buy tiny travel size versions so I didn't feel soooo gross. I really love the diaper bag. SO CUTE

  3. You are almost there...and looking wonderful!

  4. I'm going to be looking for this post in a year or two.

  5. Thanks! Does the hospital have sample shampoos & stuff?! Did not notice that last time!

  6. Yes ma'am! I am ready!

  7. I am glad I am not the only one. Thanks.


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